The Best of Danby Wine Coolers: Review of The Top 3 Danby Wine Coolers

There is a reason why Danby Wine Coolers top the bestseller list year after year! Review our top three Danby Wine Coolers, and be sure to keep in mind our best tips for picking out the right wine cooler.

In addition to making a really nice beverage center, Danby also makes a selection of modestly priced wine coolers.

We have hand-picked our three favorite Danby Wine Coolers.  Each has it’s own particular feature that place it in the top 3.

Read our detailed review below, or check out our #1 pick on Amazon: the Danby 38 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler!





Danby 38 Dual-Zone


Unless space is an issue, we hesitate to recommend anything that doesn’t have dual-zone capacity. The Danby 38 is spacious enough for a moderate collection, and the dual zone allows you to properly store both your red and white collection.

Reviewers love the stylish and sophisticated look of this appearance, coupled with the price, makes this our top pick of Danby Wine Coolers.

Click here to read more detailed reviews on the Danby 38 and purchase on Amazon. 

Danby 38 Bottle Wine Cooler Model # DWC040A1BDB

Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

Danby 36 Wine Cooler


The Danby 36 comes it at the perfect price point for beginning wine collectors. Although it is only single zone, many reviews are thrilled with the price of the appliance.

Click here to read more detailed reviews on the Danby 36 and purchase on Amazon.


Danby 27-Bottle Silhouette Wine Cellar

Danby Silhouette 27


 The Danby Silhouette is a gorgeous single zone wine cooler. What makes this piece stand out is the size. At 12 inches wide, this unit fits perfectly in small and unused spaces under the counter.

Many reviewers are thrilled to find the Danby Silhouette 27 perfectly fits in the space of their old trash compactors!

Click here to read more detailed reviews and purchase the Danby Silhouette 27 on Amazon.

Making Sense of Wine Cooler Features

Bottle Capacity

Bottle capacity will tell you the max amount of wine bottles the manufacturer has recommended will fit. However, this is a general guideline often using standard bottle size measurements.

Bottle Capacity is the number one feature to consider when purchasing a wine cooler. However, many new wine cooler owners are dismayed to learn that their particular collection doesn’t fit the manufacturer’s bottle capacity quite so neatly.

  • Look for a wine cooler that has removable shelves. This is the easiest way to anticipate storing larger bottles. It will lower the stated capacity, but if you anticipate this when purchasing, you will choose a capacity better suited for your collection.
  • Most wine coolers are configured to store the wine bottles end to end- or alternating directions. This provides the most optimal storage solution, but you may want to keep all or certain bottles one direction.
  • Consider the size of each zone. Dual zone coolers are excellent for storing a wide collection. If you have much more of one variety than the other, you will want to consider the bottle capacity of each zone, rather than the overall bottle capacity.


TIP: What size do I need?


A general guide when picking the bottle capacity of your new wine cooler:

  • Reduce your capacity by about 25% if half your collection equals non “standard” Bordeaux bottles
  • Reduce your capacity by about 50% if your collection consists mainly of the larger non “standard” Bordeaux bottles.

Remember the old adage: “the bigger the better”? Well that applies to wine coolers too!

It is much better to have a little extra space in your wine cooler, rather than have it stuffed full, with no room for that new favorite red you just bought.

Plus, if you have extra space, it will be good encouragement to grow your wine collection!


Cooling Mechanism

The Danby Wine Coolers we are looking at in this article are all compressor style coolers.

Compressor cooling is much more powerful than thermo-electric cooling. This is why most built in or large capacity wine coolers run on compressor cooling.

Compressor cooling is ideal for anyone who has a large wine collection, or who is looking for a large capacity wine cooler.

This type of cooling is also ideal in very warm climates. Compressor cooled wine coolers are more resistant to ambient temperatures, and excel at keeping ideal storage temperatures, no matter the external environment.

There are drawbacks to using a compressor, however.

Because of the moving parts and the on / off cycling nature, compressor style coolers can vibrate slightly. Ideally, wine is best stored someone with little to no movement, to keep the wine from being shaken up.

The moving parts can also contribute to the wine cooler giving off noise. Much like your refrigerator (which also uses a compressor to cool), compressor style wine coolers can occasionally give off a small hum. This is something to keep in mind if you plan to have your wine cooler in a high traffic area, or somewhere you don’t want to be disturbed by noise.

TIP: Consider ambient temperatures an environment where the Danby wine cooler will be located.


Single VS Dual Cooling

Danby makes both single zone cooling and dual zone cooling wine coolers.

A Single Zone cooler means that the cooler can only be set to one temperature. Since white wine and red wine is ideally stored a different temperatures, typically only one type (red or white) is stored in these coolers.

A Dual Zone coolers has two separate cooling zones, meaning both reds and whites can be stored in the same unit at their ideal temperatures.

TIP: Must will want a dual zone


Tinted Glass Doors

All Danby wine coolers come standard with tinted window door. While it may not seem like a big deal, you definitely want to go with a wine cooler that does not let light into the cooler. Light and UV rays can adversely affect wine, so choose a cooler that does not allow UV light in.


Parting Thoughts on Danby Wine Coolers:

The YES for purchasing a Danby Wine Cooler:

  • Compressor Cooling System. This system is much less sensitive to environmental temperatures, and can achieve lower temperatures than a thermoelectric unit.
  • Design. Danby Wine Coolers are beautifully designed. They look sophisticated, and many reviews indicate how happy they are with the looks. Many feel that Danby Wine Coolers look richer and more sophisticated than the price paid for them!
  • Excellent in smaller spaces. Danby specializes in smaller size coolers- perfect for under the counter. In fact, the 27 inch perfectly replaces the space left by old trash compactors!


The NO for purchasing a Danby Wine Cooler:

  • The largest customer complaint about Danby Wine Coolers has been concerning Danby customer service. Reviewers complain that they are difficult to work with, or to even get ahold of. While many happy customers never have the need to contact Danby customer service, it can be a frustrating process for those that do.
  • Compressor Cooling System. Yes, this pro can also be a con. The second biggest complaint was noise. This is due to the compressor cooling system cycling on and off. While some customers didn’t feel like the noise bothered them, for some this was their largest complaint.


Read more customer reviews about Danby Wine Coolers on Amazon.


The Danby Company

Danby is a family-run business, that began in Montreal in 1947. Danby sells a wide range of appliances, from wine coolers to washing machines.

The company is the “leading refrigeration and spcialty appliance company in North America.” You can read more about the Danby story by clicking here.



We hope this review has helped you pick the right Danby Wine Cooler for you! If none of the Danby Coolers we recommended fit your needs, be sure to read our reviews on Allavino Wine Coolers, Koolatron Wine Coolers, and Edgestar Wine Coolers!

Edgestar Kegerator KC2000 Review: Pick the Right One for Your Brews


For the craft beer enthusiast, there is nothing better than being able to enjoy a fresh pour of your own draught.

Bottles are good, and growlers are okay, but if you really want to enjoy all your hard crafted efforts, a kegerator is the ultimate way to go.

Next time you are watching the game, or have a few friends over, think about how good it will taste to have your own beer, perfectly poured within arms reach.

A kegerator is a must for any serious home-brew enthusiast. With many reasonably priced kegerators on the market, it can be time consuming research all the options. Fortunately, we have done all that work for you, so you can get to that perfect pour even sooner.

Edgestar is well known in the beverage industry for making a variety of affordable and reliable wine coolers and kegerators. One of the more popular line of kegerators they offer is the KC2000 series.

We will break down some of the important points of each model. Feel free to use the table of contents to skip to the kegerator you want to know more about.

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler KC2000

The Edgestar KC2000 kegerator is an obvious choice for anyone looking to dive into storing their own home brews.

This model can dip to temperatures near the low 30’s, which makes it one of the coldest kegerators available on the market.

Specifications of the Edgestar KC2000

  • This units holds US Standard 1/4 and 1/2 Kegs. Keep in mind the KC2000 will not hold Coors, Miller, rubberized or any other type of oversized keg. 
  • Actual temperature range for the kegerator is from the low 30’s to the mid 40’s. You can easily keep your brew icy cold… or slightly warmer. Totally up to your own preference!
  • Easy conversion to a refrigerator; 5 lbs CO2 cylinder included but supplied empty.
  • Dimensions: 48 1/2 x 20 1/10 x 24 13/16 (height includes the draft tower), internal dimensions: Internal Dimensions: 28″ H x 16 3/4″ W x 15 1/2″ D
  • 90 Day Warranty is offered on labor, and 1 year on parts.
  • This unit is for freestanding use only, but it does include casters for easy mobility. 

What’s In the Box:

1 Stainless Steel Column Draft Tower
2 Chrome Plated Brass Faucet
3 Domestic “D” System Sankey Coupler
4 Single Gauge Regulator
5 5 ft. of 3/16 in. I.D. NSF Approved Beer Line
6 5 ft. of 5/16 in. I.D. Vinyl Air Line
7 5 lb. Aluminum CO2 tank (Empty)
8 Drip Tray
9 Spanner Faucet Wrench
10 Black Tap Handle

Acceptable Configurations:

  • (1) Full Size Keg, 1/2 Barrel (124 pints)
  • (1) Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel (62 pints)
  • (1) Slim-Pony Keg, 1/4 Barrel (62 pints)
  • Up to (2) Sixth Barrel kegs, (42 pints each)
  • Up to (2) Cornelius Homebrew kegs, (40 pints each)


This unit is meant for residential use, and is not intended for outdoor use. 

Whether you are an experienced craft brewer, and don’t want to invest in a commercial kegerator, or a newbie simply looking to enjoy their first pour, this is an excellent kegerator.

The Edgestar KC2000 is available in Black or a Stainless Steel Finish. You are going to find the best price on Amazon- while not included in Prime (sorry, no two day shipping on these guys), it does ship for free.

Click here to purchase the Edgestar KC2000 Kegerator in Black on Amazon


Edgestar KC2000 in Black

Click here to purchase the Edgestar KC2000SS Kegerator in Stainless Steel on Amazon

KC2000SS in Stainless Steel

The Edgestar KC2000 is also available in a DUAL tap model:

EdgeStar Full Size Stainless Steel Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser – Stainless Steel KC2000SSTWIN


Click here to purchase the Edgestar KC2000TWIN Kegerator in Black on Amazon

Click here to purchase the Edgestar KC2000SSTWIN Kegerator in Stainless Steel on Amazon

Dual Tap Edgestar Kegerator in Stainless Steel

There are a couple of upgrades to the Edgestar Kc2000TWIN that you may want to spring for.

First, you can purchase the same model with a digital display:

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display – Black and Stainless Steel

This added feature allows you to send the kegerator into “deep chill” mode. This is good for fresh kegs that need to be rapidly cooled. Press the button once to run the deep chill mode, which send the compressor into overdrive. Press again to resume normal cooling.

Click here to purchase the EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display – Black and Stainless Steel

This model is also available with kegs, if you need a couple of those as well:

Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs – Black and Stainless Steel


Click here to purchase the Edgestar + Kegs on Amazon

Okay, So Which One? Our Top Pick Revealed..

The Edgestar Kegerator KC2000 is an excellent way to break into the world of home kegerators. Very reliable, reasonably priced, and practically guarantees a delicious pour every time.

Our recommendation is to go with the dual tap, digital display. If you are brewing one keg… you are going to want to brew a second. And if you brew a second, you are going to want to enjoy it in the comfort of your living room.

The extra digital display comes in handy when you need to cool a fresh keg quickly. It also gives you the ability to monitor the internal temperature without constantly opening and closing the door.

Purchase the Edgestar Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display Now


No matter which kegerator you decide on, be sure to purchase a cleaning kit. As Andy over at says, “You don’t put in a pool and expect people to swim if you never clean it. No one will want to drink your beer if it doesn’t taste like it’s supposed to.”

Try this cleaning kit to keep your beer and lines fresh.

Now all that is left to do is decide- do you want the stainless steel… or black!?

Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews

Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews

Edgestar makes a line of incredibly popular wine coolers. In this article, we will look over some of the different features, pros and cons of each particular wine cooler.

If you are looking for a particular model, simply use the table of contents to see the wine cooler review you are interested in.

EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler

If you are on the hunt for a reliable wine cooler for your office, home, bar or any other space, the EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler is certainly worth considering. With the impressive capacity of 36 standard wine bottles, chilling your wine collection to ideal serving conditions is as easy as 1 2 3…!

It is packed with a lot of great features. It has front ventilation which makes it suitable for both built-in installation and freestanding. The soft LED interior lighting, matching slide-out stainless steel trimmed shelves and sleek stainless steel trim French doors provides a timeless design to showcase your treasured collection.

Features Overview:

  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Weight 110 pounds
  • Dimensions 24. 5” x 23.5” x 34”
  • Capacity ; 3 standard 750 ml wine bottles
  • Safety locks
  • 12 slide-out wooden shelves
  • Digital controls and thermostat
  • Dual zone operation


  • The insulated, tinted glass door will protect your unit’s interior from damaging harmful elements and ultraviolet rays.
  • Its easy to read and user-friendly digital control panel allows you a quick temperature adjustments depending on your specific cooling needs.
  • Whether it is freestanding in your media room or under the mini bar, this wine cooler’s front ventilation will allow for a versatile installation anywhere you would need.
  • With its dual zone operation, one can store a myriad of wine bottles at their ideal serving temperatures.


  • The compressor of this Edgestar wine cooler seems to be less power efficient as compared to the other thermoelectric coolers available in the market today.
  • The distribution of the light is also uneven. The lower placed bottles hardly get any light because of the upper layers wine bottles. It is not a big issue, but it somewhat reduces the aesthetic appeal.
  • The temperature of the this dual zone French door Edgestar wine cooler tends to fluctuate with room temperature.

The Verdict:

There’s no doubt about the fact that this wine fridge is designed for elegance and looks. Everything from the wooden shelves to the large stainless doors, tinted glass and French doors are added with looks in mind. There are a few minor annoyances, but the good outweighs those in this case.

Click here to read more reviews and purchase the Edgestar 36 Bottle Cooler on Amazon.


EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


If you are meticulous about the temperature of their wine cooler for preservation the EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler may be for you.

An elegant design, loaded with full fledge features, this wine refrigerator is a popular choice that will perfectly blend into any home décor. Combined with high-efficiency compressor, compact dimensions, it offers an optimal temperate range of 40 – 65 F so you can store up to 53 wine bottles under precise conditions easily.

Features Overview:

  • Freestanding or Under counter application
  • Color: black / stainless steel
  • Wood trimmed wire shelves , slide out
  • Powerful compressor based cooling
  • Digital temperature controls w/LED display
  • Single temperature zone
  • Rubber bushing absorbs noise and vibration from the compressor
  • The carbon filter ensures reduced contamination of wine health
  • Dual paned ornamented glass door provide extra protection


  • The factory installed safety lock helps you to maintain a stable interior temperature while also ensuring that your bottles of wine are secure from unauthorized access.
  • The dual pane, tinted glass will protect your precious collection from harsh light or ultraviolet rays while providing a more sophisticated display of the interior.
  • It comes with a pre-installed carbon filter that helps you to avoid the unpleasant odors which can negatively affect your wine’s smell or taste.
  • With its blue interior lighting, professional style handle, sleek black exterior and stainless steel trim, this modern cooler will effortlessly enhance any room you choose.
  • Whether you store sparkling wines, red wines or white wines, the internal fan and high efficiency compressor offer an impressive temperature to store any type of wine at precise specifications.
  • And since the shelves are removable, accommodating the non-standard or larger wine bottles is of no issue.



  • Although this wine cooler is best in its features, aesthetics and company support, again the humming of this cooler has become a cause of concern. Many customer complaints that the fans of the cooler operate loudly, which is a bit annoying and disturbing as well. This may not matter to you if you are storing your wine somewhere like a basement or a room that isn’t used as often.

The Verdict:

This is a well-built Edgestar wine cooler with no compromise on appearance and presentation, enhanced by the clever use of LED lighting and a wide temperature control range – making it a top contender for any application. It is a good investment for sure.

Click here to read more reviews and purchase the Edgestar 53 Bottle Cooler on Amazon.


EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


If you are a person who wants an integrated wine cooler that can house a decent collection of wines – EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler is for you. It is designed for built-in placement and has a sturdy single zone model with lockable door. It is pretty compact in size and offers a total storage capacity of 30 wine bottles, so you can rest assured knowing your next get-together or party will have plenty of beverages.

This cooler comes with easy to use to touch pad and modern digital controls, which allow effortless and quick temperature adjustment. It is also very sleek, attractive using sliding wood accented wire wine racks, a stainless steel (reversible mounting) door handle and frame, double pane tempered glass and an LED powered interior light that provides a nice glow that shows off your collection without adding potentially damaging UV lights or heat.

Features Overview:

  • Double pane insulated glass door with attractive stainless steel trim to block out UV rays
  • 6 full size Slide out metal rack shelves with natural wood trim in the front
  • Internal fan to evenly circulate air
  • Temperature 40-65 F
  • Soft blue LED interior lighting
  • Advanced carbon air filtration to provide order free air
  • One year standard warranty on parts and labor


  • The temperature range of this EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler is pretty wide, enabling you to set low temperatures to chill sparkling and white wines.
  • Its advanced carbon filtration cleans the odors or impurities that can infiltrate your wine. This compact air cooler also equipped with a handy safety locking feature so can guard your collection against theft.
  • It has a contemporary, nice look with beautiful aesthetic appearance.
  • Extends functionality with its intuitive auto deforest feature.
  • Whether it will be freestanding or, built into your mini bar or install it the kitchen counter – this EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler is best in its class.


  • According to the most reviews, noise level seems to be one of the biggest complaints. Although Edgestar has installed rubber bushing which helps reduce the vibration and noise from the compressor, the company needs to advance some robust feature to eliminate this minor concern.
  • Some people also complaint that shelving is a bit tight so it is rather difficult to get to the bottles in the back.

The Verdict:

If you are searching for an attractive and compact wine cooler, this is an easy choice we would recommend. Although, do not stock up to the advertised 30 bottle capacity, as it really only stores 20 to 25 bottles. Its main attraction is looks, but it is also comes loaded with lots of additional features. Its powerful yet robust compressor system is perfect for dealing with the often hot environment.

Click here to read more reviews and purchase the Edgestar 30 Bottle Cooler on Amazon.


EdgeStar Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Cooler

The EdgeStar Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Cooler is designed specifically to suit your advance, space saving storage needs. This innovative model features 2 separate temperature zones to accommodate virtually any wine of your choice. The lower zone offers a range of 40-54 F while the upper zone offers a temperature range of 50 – 65 F.

Its front venting design allows for freestanding as well as for a seamless under counter installation so you can optimize this wine cooler whenever you need. This makes the EdgeStar Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Cooler perfect for rented apartments or dorm rooms as you don’t have to make any changes to the place where you live in order to install the appliance. It is small, compact so you don’t need a lot of space and it is priced affordably so one can afford it easily without concerning the budget.

Features Overview:

  • 2 removable shelves in the upper section
  • 4 removable shelves in the lower section
  • Security lock
  • Auto deforest system
  • External Dimensions (with handle): 32″ H x 15″ W x 25 3/4″ D
  • External Dimensions (without handle): 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 3/4″ D
  • Reversible double paned tempered glass door
  • ETL approved
  • Rubber bushing to absorb noise and vibration from the compressor
  • Total 26 bottle storage capacity



  • The EdgeStar Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Cooler is ideal in maintaining consistent temperatures for sparkling, white or red wines.
  • Surprisingly easy to install. Unmatched in terms of design, feel and overall look, high end appearance and extremely elegant
  • This wine cooler has a powerful compressor which may function well even in warmer ambient environments.
  • The tinted glass door ensures that your wines are protected and safe from the potential harm of UV rays or harsh light. Moreover, its reversible feature provides you a choice between opening in two directions (left or right)
  • Soft touch electronic control allows for easy temperature monitoring and adjustments through digital display.
  • This unit has compressor based cooling, which makes it capable of chilling wines even in high temperature.
  • Vibration and noise are absorbed by the integrated rubberized bristles.


  • The EdgeStar Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Cooler is heavier than the other thermos-electric units. And it may not satisfy those wine lovers that looking for a unit which include thermos-electric technologies.

The Verdict:

This is a well-built wine cooler, ideal for small spaces or kitchen with no compromise on appearance and presentation. It works great, but produces a bit of noise when in its high cooling cycle. Its main attractive feature is its dual temperature zones which make this cooler a popular choice.

Click here to read more reviews and purchase the Edgestar Dual Zone Cooler on Amazon.


Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler


Pricing, performance, looks and longevity, these are just some of the factors wine lovers have in mind when deciding for a wine cooler. The Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler is the perfect choice to cater all these needs. It offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to chill your favorite collection at the push of a button. One of the amazing features of this dual zone wine cooler can hold up to 34 standard wine bottles and has 2 temperature zones to chill both red and white wines, respectively.

This wine cooler employs a freestanding and compact model that enables you to place it into any space you find fit. It is equipped with removable wood-trimmed wire wine racks which improve the overall presentation of your wines. With this home wine refrigerator, hot spots and uneven cooling will be a thing of the past, as it feature powerful compressor to help distribute cool air evenly.

Feature Overview:

  • Dimensions: 33 1/8 “ x 19 7/16” x 23 1/16”
  • Blue led interior lighting
  • Removable wooden trimmed wine rcks
  • Factory installed locks for increased security
  • LED temperature display and touch control
  • Reversible door hinges
  • Stainless steel door with tower bar handle
  • Dual zone cooling
  • Capacity of up to 34 bottles
  • Powerful circulation fans to ensure even cooling
  • Weight: 94 pounds


  • 2 temperature zones allow you to chill reds and whites at their desired temperature for long lasting and better tasting wine.
  • LED lighting, slide out wooden trimmed wire wine tracks and stainless steel trimmed door add to an overall great presentation of your collection.
  • You can function and access the digital control panel including both zones temperature settings
  • This home wine storage unit works admirably and many wine enthusiasts rave about its ability to keep temperatures in both zones at desired levels. Even when more wine bottles added and the door is opened, this refrigerator recovers to the right temperature very fast.
  • Being the best in the market, The Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler doesn’t cost you much. It is not cheap, but it is not expensive also.
  • Apart from the functionality or usefulness, The Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler is one of the most elegant and attractive wine coolers available in the market. Everything from led control and display to the wooden wine racks, stainless steel finish and doors –is designed to look perfect and beautiful.


  • It does not allow the advertised storage capacity due to its inflexible and poor interior design. However, this can be achieved by placing the bottles alternatively.
  • The glass on the door is not tinted which may reduce its overall aesthetic appeal while also denying its ability to protect the wines from harsh light or UV rays.

The Verdict:

Edgestar is no doubt one of the leading brands in the industry known for its quality wine coolers. This model is relatively one of the oldest devices in the market, but entails some of the flagship features that make it a true game changer. It is stylish, extremely good looking and offer high class functionality.

Click here to read more reviews and purchase the Edgestar 34 Bottle Cooler on Amazon.


Final Recommendations:

Think about how many bottles of wine you want to store. Something else to consider, is where you are putting your wine cellar. If you are putting it in the middle of a high traffic area, consider one of the cellars from the Allvino line, which are very similar, but much quieter.

You can read our review of the Allvino line here

Possibly the Most Tasty Sangria Recipe… You’ve Ever Tasted!

Best Sangria Recipe- my party guest RAVED about it!

We really must insist you try out our tried and true tasty sangria recipe!

“Little is known about the origin of Sangria except that it is Spanish.” via

You wouldn’t know by it’s sweet taste, but this delicious drink has it’s origins rooted in a blood thirsty history. After all, the word Sangria originally meant blood!

What is traditional Spanish drink, was actually popularized by the Romans around 200 BC when they conquered Spain.

In the United States, Sangria wasn’t first tasted until the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Since then, it has practically been a staple at every outdoor mixer and social gathering.

Sangria. Cool, refreshing, tasty sangria. That delicious and refreshing summer drink. No two glasses are the same; because sangria is a drink that everyone has their own “secret ingredients”.

It seems there is a sangria for every holiday, and almost every kind of wine too. While our recipe calls for more traditional ingredients, we have linked to some of the more entertaining recipes below.

Our motto: you can never have too much sangria!


Apparently, there are three rules to making Sangria:

1. Sangria must contain wine.

2. Sangria must contain fruit.

3. Sangria must be refreshingly chilled.


That doesn’t sound too hard!

We’ve sampled many glasses of Sangria here at The Delightful Home, and think we have nailed the perfect, refreshing glass of tasty Sangria to impress your guests!


Tasty Sangria Recipe




  • To make the simple syrup, mix equal parts sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves, cooled, then let cool.
  • Simply mix all the ingredients (except the orange slices) and let sit! Let the flavors meld for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator before serving.
  • Add the orange slices and frozen pineapple right before serving, and remove if storing overnight (as the peels might leave a bitter aftertaste if left in too long).
  • If you don’t plan on using frozen pineapple, freeze the orange juice in ice cube trays and add right before serving.

There are so many variations of Sangria out there, we would love to hear what your favorite go-to Sangria recipe is!

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More Tasty Sangria Recipes

We really have to insist that you give our recipe a try, but when you are ready to branch out to different styles of Sangria, here a few for you to consider:


This tequila infused sangria is on our must try next list! We love our tequila (almost) as much as we love our wine, and this pretty cocktail looks (almost) too good to drink!

Margarita Sangria

This tasty cocktail is part sangria, part mojito. How does that work? Well, make it and let us know!

Pineapple Mojitio Sangria 


The only thing better than a fresh mimosa is an upgraded sangria mimosa. Use whatever berries happen to be in season near you!

Mimosa Sangria


Rosé lovers- this one is for you! Incredibly refreshing, this cocktail would be perfect for a bridal shower, romantic Valentine’s Brunch, or enjoy on a warm summer’s night.

Strawberry Rosé Sangria


Next is everyone’s favorite: Peach Sangria!

Classic Peach Sangria


Add a splash of the the tropics with this bright citrus inspired recipe!

Topical White Wine Sangria


We told you there is a Sangria for every occasion! Below is a festive and warming Christmas sangria.

Christmas Sangria



If you would like even more sangria recipes, try 101 Sangrias by Kim Haasarud

Apparently, her recipe for a blueberry pomegranate sangria is worth the price of the book!



Lastly, if you need a house-warming or hostess gift, put together a DIY Sangria kit!


DIY Sangria Kit


How fun is this? Customize with your own favorite ingredients, and your recipients will be very impressed at the genius of packing it all in a drink dispenser!


Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Why the Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Should Be Your Next Purchase!

                  HAIER 18 BOTTLE WINE COOLER

For the true lover of wine, the dream is to own a wine cellar. The sad reality of the matter is, it doesn’t necessarily fit in with our home or our budget.


The alternative and logical step is to indulge in a wine cooler. This is an important decision because wine should be stored and aged properly. This is especially true if we are connoisseurs of fine wine.

Fortunately, the Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler fits all of our wine storage needs! Read on to find out more, or get the best price on the Haier 18 Bottle on Amazon.

It is commonly known that wine improves with age but if the conditions are inadequate it can deteriorate very quickly too. Light, humidity, temperature, angle the bottle lays at and vibration are all factors to keep in mind.


We need to mimic the true wine cellars and underground caves that are used commercially. Here are some points to help:


  • Light can be a definite curse. The wine must be protected from direct sunlight.
  • Humidity is required but only to the right degree.
  • Wine bottles should be stored on their sides at an angle to make sure that oxygen does not enter the bottle.
  • Temperature control is an important consideration in wine storage. Red wines, white wines and champagnes all have different needs.
  • Vibration should be minimized especially with red wines.


Unfortunately, the underground cave that is common for commercial purposes is not always an option in our home. Instead, a popular solution is to purchase a wine refrigerator. Some of the leading models feature adjustable temperature controls, separate chambers for red and white wines and solid walls to protect the wine from light. Another feature to look for is the design of the wine racks. We would want to store most of our wines at a slight angle to keep the cork moist.


What are Features of a Great Wine Cooler?


  • Racks set up to store bottle on its side, at a slight angle and in a cool, dark, draft-free place
  • Constant temperature
  • Perfect amount of humidity
  • No direct exposure to sunlight
  • No noise or excessive vibration


We also would be looking for an addition to our home that would complement and not detract from our home décor. Also, important, is that it is not cumbersome or huge but fits comfortably in the room.


Our search results for the perfect wine cooler that fills all of the above criteria will include: the Haier 18 bottle wine cooler. Customer reviews list it at 4 (out of 5) stars. On Amazon, the price is the most reasonable and affordable.



What Makes the Haier 18 Bottle a Good Choice?


  • Elegant, classy and slim appearance with a curved door and smoked glass with black trim and a black cabinet.
  • Free standing, needing only 2” clearance all around
  • Holds 18 bottles
  • Adjustable shelving allows you to accommodate small and large bottles
  • Vibration free, ultra quiet
  • Thermal electric chilling
  • Separate sections for red and white wines
  • Independently adjust temperatures in upper and lower compartments
  • Compact, size: 26” tall, 11” wide, 22” deep
  • Dual 2 LED displays and touchscreen control
  • Sturdy construction
  • Double pane glass, insulated doors
  • Uses low wattage, one customer claims only $1.22 per month,120 voltage

Haier 18 Bottle


As we can see, this wine cooler warrants our consideration. It meets our needs to keep our wine aging under the perfect conditions and is also slim and sleek enough to blend in with our home décor.


The company name, Haier, has its headquarters in China and is considered to be the world’s #1 major appliance brand. It offers an array of high quality, modern, efficient appliances and electronics. Haier is a multinational consumer company which designs, develops, manufactures and sells electronics and appliances of all types, including the wine cooler.


Haier has the world’s largest market share for major appliances. Their latest acquisition is the purchase of GE. This acquisition is only expected to allow them to dominate the market with their quality products even further.


The reason why this company catches our eye in our search for the perfect wine cooler is because Haier focuses their primary attention in the United States in two niche markets- compact refrigerators and electric wine coolers. The latter of these it what really peaks our interest. Since Haier is a top-of-the-line company in this niche, we know that we can expect quality when buying one of their products.


After a search on Amazon, we concluded it would be difficult to buy a wine cooler that is not somehow created by Haier. Their large acquisition in this niche proves their expertise and we came to the conclusion that this means they should know their product and manufacture a wine cooler that delivers what we want.


The Key Features of the Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler:

  • Thermoelectric cooling (vibration free, ultra quiet cooling system)
  • Dual zone (lets you simultaneously store both white and red wines at different temperatures)
  • Soft interior light (easily organize and view your wine collection)
  • LED electronic control display (conveniently adjust the optimal temperatures for red and white wines).


What About Customer Reviews?

On an average the reviews reflect 4 out of 5 stars. Some of the comments were as follows:


  • “Nice little cooler…very pleased with the unit, as it looks good, runs quiet, and performs well, especially for the price”
  • “Compact,Quiet, Good looking Affordable”
  • “Great product and form factor for the price”

Click Here to read more reviews on Amazon

In conclusion, our review of this wine cooler is that it is a great choice for our home, and probably the home of many others.

The price is decent, the appearance is classy, and the necessary options for protecting the wine are in place. This model met all of our necessary specifications and holds an impressive 18 bottles of wine. This means that we can keep an array of bottles on hand for any occasion, whether we have company or just want a glass of wine to end the night.

Find the best price on the Haier 18 Bottle Wine Fridge here.

What You Can Expect from the Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler

When you are selecting a beverage cooler, you need to keep some important things in your mind. Where do you want to put it? You should also focus on size and color of the beverage cooler that you are going to select. You should have electricity supply for beverage cooler to give you chilled drinks.

Additionally, the space you choose to put your beverage cooler must be flat and leveled to ensure it runs smoothly. The overall size also matters a lot when you want to choose a beverage cooler. You can choose a large size cooler if there is a lot of space in your room. It gives you ease to store large wine bottles along with cans. You should always choose a cooler with removable shelves because it will allow you to manage the space.

An ideal beverage cooler will maintain the temperature for all types and sizes of drinks. Therefore, you need to check out the temperature range of the cooler you are going to buy. Moreover, make sure the beverage cooler has an easy clean up setup along with a defrost tray.

If you are have decided to buy a beverage cooler and want all of these features in a single cooler, then you must consider about Haier Beverage Cooler.

Check out more reviews of the Haier 150 on Amazon

Why would you want Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler?

How do you store your beverages and mixers? Do you keep them in your refrigerator and end up with spacing problem? This review about Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler will help you in finding a better way to store your beverages that are within your reach and you will get a chilled can every time you need one.


The Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is one of the most useful coolers that is available in the market. You can be benefited with some of its great features to make sure you made the best choice. Some of the important specifications are listed below:

  1. Storage capacity

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler has increased storage capacity that does not mean that you need extra space in your room. It has the capacity to store 150 cans of 12 oz. It means you can serve as many friends as you want. With Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler, you will not be embarrassed due to running out of beverages at your home.

  1. Sleek Design

Haier Beverage Cooler, measuring 21-1/4 by 20-1/2 by 31-3/8 inches, features adjustable full width shelves that are vinyl coated. These shelves are able to hold variety of bottles and cans of varying sizes and shapes. The sleek design of Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is enhanced with tempered glass door, metal door trim and black cabinet. The glass door can be set to open from either left or right side. Stainless steel is used for its case so that it remains durable. The lower bottle rack is removable and the design is totally imperceptible for any type of décor.

  1. Thermostat

Thermostat of Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is adjustable that makes it possible to set a preferred temperature. It consists of a lower removable bottle rack and automatic defrost. This Haier Beverage Cooler is designed with auto defrost and compressor cooling techniques. The adjustable thermostat has temperature range of 31-91 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. UV protection

This cooler also has an automatic interior light activation system that is activated when you open the glass door. The glass door is UV protected that helps in cooling of the beverages keeping the UV light away.

  1. Easy touch controls

This Haier Beverage Cooler is easy to power on or off. Temperature adjustment, temperature display and interior lighting is controlled with easy electronic touch.

  1. Easy to use

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is designed in such a way that everyone finds it easy to use because of its small size. Its shelves are made of wire and can be removed to clean them. Recessed door handle and reversible door allows easy accessibility for left handed people. It also provides lock and key feature.

  1. Cooling mechanism

Beverage coolers are different when it comes to the cooling mechanism they are designed with. Thermoelectric and compressor based cooling is used for mini beverage fridges. Thermoelectric coolers save energy and make less noise as compared to compressor based coolers. Haier beverage coolers are supposed to be one of the best coolers and get good user ratings because of the thermometric cooling mechanism.

  1. Venting cooling system

It has front mounted venting cooling system that makes it easy to install this beverage cooler with existing cabinetry without requiring additional system for circulation of hot air.

  1. Easy organization

The design of Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler allows you to keep everything organized with its two glass shelves along with a fold away glass shelf and wire basket at the bottom of cooler.

  1. Environment friendly

Haier 150 can beverage is eco-friendly, maintaining the trend to keep earth green. This cooler is eco-friendly because of the technology and the design. Since it is made up with thermoelectric medium for cooling, it saves energy and help in environment preservation.

This beverage cooler does not emit any kind of dangerous chemical during its cooling process. Instead, there is a metal rod for heat exchange between internal chamber and the outer environment.

11. Alternative Uses

Unlike wine cellar and refrigerators, that have a high temperature for optimum wine storage, you can use Haier beverage cooler to store other soda water, iced tea, lemonade, fruit juice, plain water and other non-alcoholic beverage.

Who can use Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler?

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is ideal for people who don’t have wine cellar or don’t have much space in their refrigerators. It will give you an upper hand because of its cooling conditions for all type of wine and beer. The stability, temperature and humidity control of this beverage cooler is much more exclusive than kitchen refrigerators. People who are looking for storing their wine without spending much and low maintenance solution opt for beverage cooler.

Less Expensive

Haier beverage cooler is inexpensive as compared to wine cellar and a refrigerator. The equipment is built for storing wine bottles and beer cans. Since refrigerator occupies a large space, therefore, consumers pay for its size as well as capacity functions. Apart from storing wine and beer, you can also other store drinks, water or even fruit juices.

Low Maintenance

Haier beverage coolers are inexpensive as well as require low maintenance. They don’t require parts that are expensive. The price of components fixed inside the beverage cooler is much low, that’s how this cooler is affordable than refrigerator or a cellar.

Other Tips

Once you buy your Haier beverage cooler, you will come to know how you can use it for other purposes. Some of the unusual tips are listed here for you:

  • Humidifier: You can modify your Haier 150 can beverage cooler to use it for other purposes. For example, you can use your beverage cooler as a humidifier. Some people who have bought Hair beverage cooler used other cost effective equipments to turn it into a humidifier.
  • Kegerator: You can store homebrewed draft or commercial keg in your beverage cooler to turn it into a kegerator. You can modify it with addition of a beer tap and tank full of carbon dioxide to push the beer out and restore pressure within keg.
  • Cheese making: Kitchen refrigerators dry out the cheese while Haier beverage cooler will maintain the freshness of cheese, making it last longer. Usually, some variety of cheese ripens at 50-57 degrees Fahrenheit and you need high humidity level to do so. This is what you can do with your Haier beverage cooler by placing small tubs of water in it. You will need to adjust temperature and humidity level depending on the style of cheese you are going to make.
  • Curing chamber: You can turn your Haier 150 can beverage cooler into curing chamber and use it for pepperoni, ham and other types of meats. At times, you can put a tray of wet salt inside your cooler to get required results.
  • Fast chilling: If you want to chill your beer and wine more quickly the try adding some salt, ice and water into it. Ice will lower the temperature and salt and water will maintain that lower temperature for hours.

Our Recommendations

The Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is a decent little cooler. With a few modifications, it can be a great little cooler! To read about customer modifications and to purchase:

Click here to purchase the Haier 150 on Amazon

If you aren’t sure, check out the Danby Beverage Center. It won’t hold quite as many cans, but in our opinion, might be the better appliance for some. Check out our review here… or Click to purchase the Danby Beverage Center on Amazon.

Choosing a Koolatron Wine Cooler: Review of 29-Bottle and 45-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellars!

Koolatron Wine Coolers: Review of 29-Bottle and 45-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellars!

Koolatron is one of the leading manufacturers of wine coolers in the world. They have quite the  selection of cellars priced from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Depending on the model, the capacity of a Koolatron wine cooler can be anywhere from 12 bottles, 30 bottles, up to 100 bottles and more. You have the option to choose a single or dual zone Koolatron cooler with thermoelectric or compressor cooling technology.

Bottom line: whatever your needs, Koolatron makes a wine cooler for you!

In this article, we will take a look at the two most popular coolers: the Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar  and the WC29 Koolatron 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar.

Review: Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar


The 45 Bottle Koolatron wine cooler comes with dual cooling zones for your chosen vintages and everyday favorites. The shelves can be rearranged so you can store port wine, quaint shaped bottles and champagne. There is an LED display showing the accurate temperature inside, and you can set each temperature zone to your wine needs.

Maybe the best part… the unit comes ready to go, so you don’t need to assemble it or indulge in any complicated installation.

This Koolatron wine cooler is 17.5 inches long, 46 inches high and 18.5 inches wide. It weighs 95 pounds.

The 45 Bottle Koolatron wine cellar has several key features that you will love:

  • It is a spacious cooler. While you can certainly house forty five bottles of wine, you can also store some champagnes, gewürztraminers and Rieslings by rearranging the required number of shelves.
  • The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, whatever suits your preference.
  • Many wines come with geo-specific units and very stringent instructions for storage, particularly pertaining to temperature. You can really use the dual temperature metrics.

Where this Koolatron wine cooler stands out is its consistent temperature. Even the finest residential refrigerators in the world have some fluctuations. This wine cellar is almost an industrial appliance in that sense. The dual temperature zones would always be helpful for those storing different kinds of wine, which would demand different temperatures. You can store red in one zone, white in another and you can store certain brands or years in one and another variant in the other zone.

Beyond the technicalities, it is the obvious aesthetics that will impress you. The ergonomic design, the minimalist contours, the posh interiors and the moody lighting inside will certainly please any connoisseur. This Koolatron wine cooler can sit pretty in your living room, dining area, next to your regular refrigerator, down in your basement, in a man cave or even in your kitchen if you want. Despite having substantial capacity, the niftiness of the design and the lack of unnecessary bulk is perfect for those who don’t want chunky and clunky pieces of appliances.

The 45 Bottle Koolatron Wine Cellar is very easy to clean, thanks to the removable shelves. The display and control unit are very easy to use and can be mastered by the least tech savvy people. If there is anything that you can pick on or criticize in this Koolatron wine cooler then it has to be the noise when it is stressed. The noise is minimal and it just reminds you of the compression that powers the cooling.

User Experience

Do not presume that it is a thermoelectric wine cooler. Many people have perceived it as such and decided to purchase it without really checking and then have rued the cooling being powered by a compressor. This Koolatron wine cooler is almost like a normal refrigerator given its size and capacity. It is doubtful how efficient it would have been with thermoelectric cooling technology.

The second important element in the user experience that demands a mention is the positioning of the various wine bottles that you may stack up. We all known wine bottles come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Normal wine bottles with broad bases and tapering necks will conveniently fit into the shelves. Port wine bottles will pose a problem.

Large bottles of champagnes and oddly shaped wine bottles will also be an issue. You can use the bottom space or the rack at the bottom to have larger bottles placed sideways. Try out a few combinations and you should be able to store up to forty five bottles even if you have half dozen quaint shaped wine and champagne bottles.

The temperature attained by this Koolatron wine cooler is spot on. You can use your own thermometer and check the temperatures in the two zones. When you unpack the cooler and connect it to the power source, set the temperature you want in either or both zones and return after a few hours to check. Not only would the cooler achieve the temperature quickly but also retain it without flinching. Given the capacity, flexibility, temperature and design, this is one of the smartest and quietest wine coolers around.

Koolatron delivers a winner in its class and that will be evident right from the moment you get the package shipped to your home. Very few wine coolers are as impeccably packed as this one. Right from the lights inside to the leveling, everything is convenient to manage. The only bummer will be for those who want to store beers at temperatures below 45. That is the minimum setting.

Review: Koolatron 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar (WC29)

This Koolatron wine cooler has a capacity of 29 bottles in two segregated temperature zones. The top zone has a capacity of ten wine bottles and the lower zone can hold a maximum of nineteen bottles. There is an LED display with a switch to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. The cooler has tempered glass doors, the basket and shelves are removable, the dark interior has complementing soft lights and the feet can be adjusted for optimum leveling. Powered by compressor based cooling, the Koolatron WC29 weighs sixty pounds, is 21 inches long, 20.4 inches wide and 34 inches high and the case is made of steel. This Koolatron wine cooler has been a bestseller for a few years now.

It takes a good compressor to make it easier for wines in any wine cooler to be chilled properly. You’ve got to find one that can take your wine and chill it well enough while keeping the conditions inside the cooler as consistent as possible.

There are many standout attributes of this 29-bottle Koolatron wine cooler. The design will surely impress any connoisseur. The solid black case with accents of stainless steel aligned along the doors, the thick glass bodies on the doors and the special protecting against UV rays are some of the noteworthy elements. The adjustable feet for perfect leveling are handy and appreciable. You can get rid of these feet if you don’t need them. The lights inside the cooler are LED so you don’t need to worry about an unnecessary spike in your electricity consumption.

The WC29 is very utilitarian because of these two segregated zones. The top compartment is smaller than the zone below. Both zones can be pegged at temperatures ranging from 42 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you ability to store red wines and white wines separately.

You can keep the typical wine bottles in one compartment and keep champagnes or quaint shaped bottles in another. You can maintain different temperatures in the two zones so stringent storing instructions of some wines, especially the vintage and special editions, can be achieved!

Both the zones have shelves that can be removed. While this feature helps in cleaning, it is more useful to rearrange the available space to make way for larger or taller wine bottles. Every connoisseur will have at least some larger, taller and unconventionally shaped wine bottles. The basket at the bottom can be handy to store some beers.

The WC29 Koolatron wine cooler doesn’t jumble up your wines or club all of them together. Every wine bottle is kept segregated from the adjacent bottles. There is enough space between every bottle allowing smooth flow of cool air. The wine bottles can be easily accessed and sorted conveniently and even inventory management or keeping a stock of what wines you have and where becomes effortlessly simple. You can easily pull out a bottle without even touching another bottle and place it back in without affecting the poise of any bottle in either of the two zones or chambers.

User Experience

It takes time to become a connoisseur. Wine is an acquired taste. Not everyone has dozens of wine bottles at home. However, those who have fallen in love with any particular type of wine will always want to bag as many bottles as they can. Wine is a demanding drink. It is not your everyday whiskey or even bourbon or scotch that can be stored in any way you like. It is not even your single malt or that rare whiskey which will be cherished for years, one peg at a time. Wine needs to be stored tidily and at desired temperatures. Anyone who has just begun stacking up on different wines should use this Koolatron wine cooler.

The 45-bottle Koolatron wine cooler is obviously an excess for those who don’t have fifty bottles. You wouldn’t be storing every bottle forever. The 29-bottle Koolatron wine cooler is the best option for wine lovers who are on their way to become connoisseurs. If you are contemplating whether you should go for a 12-bottle cooler or the 29-bottle cooler, then the choice is obvious. The WC29 with its dual zone temperature control is the wiser investment, from financial perspective and from the aspect of utility.

The WC29 is well packaged and cushioned when shipped. It is very easy to install. You can adjust the feet to level it or you can get rid of them if you so please. Connect the Koolatron wine cooler to the power source and let it cool for a few hours. Do not expect both the zones to attain the chosen temperatures in an hour or two. Ideally, choose a moderate temperature. Don’t go for the minimum temperatures. Allow the cooler to recuperate from transit and gradually cool down. In eight to twelve hours, you should be able to choose the temperature of your liking. Let the cooler be at a moderate temperature overnight. Do not stack up wine bottles immediately.

Once both the zones have attained the preset temperature or one that you have set before putting in the wine bottles, you would observe that the temperature is maintained. You can even use a thermometer to measure and confirm if it is the temperature you want. This Koolatron wine cooler is also desirably quiet. Despite having a compressor, it doesn’t make any irritating noise. Whatever little noise it makes is almost unnoticeable. Timely maintenance should keep the operation as quiet as when it is new over the years.

The 29-bottle Koolatron wine cooler is just the right size, weight and has an apt capacity for most wine lovers. It can also be used outdoors at times given the protection against UV rays. However, you cannot perpetually use it outside since there is no battery. The size is suitable enough for you to install the appliance anywhere you feel like. It can be mount it atop a counter in your kitchen. The WC29 works in your man cave, dining area or in your bar!

Given the price, reliability, durability and utility, the removable shelves and the design, this is one of the best wine cellars in its class. You would have no reason to complain and you will be more than satiated with your purchase. Simply clean and maintain the appliance at the right time and take some preventive measures so the components stay in good working order. If something does go wrong, you can call in the Koolatron technicians for timely support and assistance.

Side by Side Comparison:

Name Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar Koolatron 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar
Price Check Current Price on Amazon Check Current Price on Amazon
Short description Spacious 45 bottle capacity Dual cooling zones Dark interior accented by soft lighting Sleek contemporary design with stainless steel trim Digital LED temperature display Full temperature control to set climate to exact degree Compressor cooling Free-standing Holds up to 29 – 750ml bottles Dual cooling zones: chills 10 bottles in upper zone, 18 in lower zone Cooling zones can be set to separate temperatures Temperature range: 6°C to 18°C Removable stainless steel racks to customize the cellar layout Built-in soft interior lighting Reversible tempered glass door
Capacity Details 45 x 750 ml (25 fl. oz.) bottles 29 x 750 ml (25 fl. oz.) bottles
Temperature Control 6° to 18°C (42° to 65°F) at 22°C (72°F) ambient temperature 6° to 18°C (42° to 65°F) at 22°C (72°F) ambient temperature
Temperature Zone Dual Dual
Temperature Display LED LED
Cooling Technology Compressor Compressor
Color Black Black
Door Type Double pane insulated glass Double pane insulated glass
Handle Recessed Recessed
Door Swing Orientation Right Right
Lighting LED LED
Defrost System Automatic frost-free Automatic frost-free
Venting Rear Rear
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Shelving 5 6
Voltage 120 Volts 120 Volts
Frequency Range 60 Hz 60 Hz
Wattage 70 Watts 120 Watts
Amperage 3 Amps 3 Amps
Leak Resistant Yes Yes
Rust Resistant Yes Yes
Product Dimensions 46 in H x 18.5 in W x 18.5 in L 32.5 in H x 18.5 in W x 18.5 in L
Product Weight 94.8 lbs. 70.6 lbs.
Package Dimensions 48 in H x 21.5 in W x 21.5 in L 33.5 in H x 20.5 in W x 20.5 in L
Package Weight 94.8 lbs. 70.6 lbs.
Warranty 1 year, parts 1 year, parts
ETL Certified Yes Yes
CSA Certified Yes Yes
Energy Star Compliant No No
Installation Free-standing Free-standing

The Right Fit

These two models are obviously very similar, so the question is, how many bottles of wine do you want to store? Keep in mind, collecting wines can be quite addicting… so it is better to get the larger size the first time, rather than later. 😀

Click HERE to shop all Koolatron on Amazon

Thirst Enthusiasts: the Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center Is For You!

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS

The Danby dbc120bls Beverage Center Fridge Stainless Steel… could it be the answer to your home beer chilling needs!?

It is always a good ideas to have a refreshing beverage chilled and ready to go. Cans and bottles can take up a lot of precious refrigerator space. If you like to entertain, have guests drop by, or simply enjoy having perfectly chilled beverages on hand, it is worth having a dedicated beverage center.

A great option available on the market is the Danby dbc120bls Beverage Center Fridge in Stainless Steel. A #1 best seller on Amazon, you can check out all the great reviews here:

Click to read more reviews of the Danby 120 Can Beverage Center on Amazon.

With the Danby Beverage Center, you can be ready for guests or the big game anytime. No home bar, entertainment room or rec room can be complete without a mini-fridge.

Let’s take a look at what makes this particular item a great buy!

PS- You definitely don’t want to miss the recommended upgrades- click here to skip to the end to read!

Specifics of the Danby dbc120bls Beverage Center Fridge in Stainless Steel

The Danby 120 Bottle Beverage Center is a great mid-line beverage refrigerator. For the price, you really can’t beat all of the features it offers:

  • 3.3 cu. ft.(120 Can) capacity beverage center
  • Temperature range of 6°C – 14°C (43°F – 57°F)
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • 3.5 black wire shelves
  • Tempered glass door with stainless steel trim
  • Recessed side mount door handle
  • Integrated lock with key
  • Door activated interior light
  • Reversible door hinge for left or right hand opening

The Good and The Not So Good

image source

The Good:

The Price. You can check the current price on Amazon here. You will pay a lot more for other brands of beverage centers that have this capacity. Or, you could stay in this price range, but other options will not have near the capacity that the Danby offers. Most other options in this price range hold only 18-20 bottles, far less than what you can get into the Danby!


Adjustable Temperature. The Danby 120 has a temperature range that will cool a wide range of assorted beers. For aging beers, the target temperature is somewhere between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Many centers on the market offer 50 degrees as the lowest temperature.

This mean that these units have to work at full capacity to maintain optimal temperature. The larger temperature range that the Danby offers a better buffer zone to keep your beers aging at the perfect temperature.


Removable Shelves. You can choose your own layout thanks to removable shelves! You can store your corked bottles upright – best practice when it comes to storing beer.

Keep in mind with this layout, you may not be able to fit in the standard 120 bottles. However, you can reasonably configure the shelves to fit close to 50 upright bottles. Of course this depends on the bottle size.

We love that the flexible layout allows you to adjust the shelves to fit your specific beer stash!


Warranty. Danby does offer a standard, 12 months parts and labor coverage with in-home service warranty. Installation and/or yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.


The Not So Good:

Rear Vent. This unit rear-venting, so if installing in existing cabinetry, allow for extra space.

Not Icy Cold, Chilled. This center should not be confused with a mini-fridge. A typical refrigerator runs around 38-40 degrees. While this is close to the lowest setting on the Danby, this unit is really meant for storing beer- ideally at 50-55 degrees.

If you aren’t worried about aging your home brew, you can still store beers in this unit. Set your Danby 120 to it at a slightly lower temperature, about 45 degrees or so.


Secret Upgrades

The door is made to open on the left as a default, but you can modify it to open on the right.

The interior of the Danby is lit. This interior light is triggered when you open the door. There is a small toggle at the top that can shift so that the light will stay on all the time. This gives the center a “lit” look.

There are a couple of “accessories” that will enhance your user experience, without much additional cost.


  • The shelves are made of a wire mesh. To avoid tipping of cans and bottles, add these flexible chopping mats to the shelves. If you place the shiny side down, and the matte side up, the bottles will be able to easily glide on the mat. Flexible Chopping Mats 4 Pack.



image source

So is the Danby 120 Can Beverage Center Fridge DBC120BLS Right for Me?

For the price, this is one of the best beverage centers you can buy. With it’s roomy storage and flexible shelving, it can accommodate almost any drinking arrangement you might need!  Make your Danby exceptional with the addition of a the recommended add-ons.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS is perfect for the home brewer, beer-lover, entertainer or thirst-enthusiast!

Click HERE to purchase the Danby dbc120bls Beverage Center Fridge in Stainless Steel on Amazon.


The 2017 Guide to Buying the Perfect White Wine Chiller

The 2017 Guide to Buying the Perfect White Wine Chiller

With holiday entertaining season in high gear, one of the most useful (but overlooked!) entertaining appliances is the white wine chiller.

A white wine chiller may seem like one of those products that you are tempted to skip. After all, a refrigerator does that job just fine… right? And if you are really in a pinch, toss the bottle in the freezer for a few minutes.

However, there are many times when you want a chilled wine, and refrigeration just isn’t possible. You many need a white wine chiller for:

  • Hosting a dinner party
  • Attending a backyard bar-b-que
  • A day at the beach
  • An outdoor hike and picnic

Nothing will ruin your day at the beach, home party or beach day like a glass of warm white wine. Read on to find the perfect white wine chiller for your home!

When it comes to chilling white wine on the go, or at a moments notice, we’ve compiled a list that keep your white wine a deliciously crisp temperature.

The Right Temperature for Chilling White Wines

White wines like sparkling whites and Champagne should be served between 40 and 50 degrees. Balance sweet whites with their aromas by also serving them at this temperature. Sweet whites would include things like Reisling and Moscato.

Why Temperature Matters

It is important to serve wine at the correct temperature. Two characteristics are affected by the temperature: taste and aroma. Only the two most important things about drinking wine!

A couple ground rules when it comes to chilled wine:

  • Low temperatures highlight tannin and acidity
  • A wine becomes less fragrant the cooler it gets.

As you can see, temperature matters! Keep your wines cool, crisp and delicious. Choose one of our top white wine chillers from the list below:

Click the link in blue to easily purchase on Amazon:

Electric White Wine Chiller

Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller, Silver

From room temperature to a perfect 43 degrees in 6 minutes flat. The Cooper Cooler rapidly chills your wine or beverages with ice, which means it is ready to go at a moment’s notice. No liner or sleeve that requires freezing for 8 or more hours.


Travel White Wine Chiller

Rabbit Wine Trek Portable Bottle Cooler

Freeze this travel wine chiller for only 30 minutes, and it will keep your wine nice and chill. Works perfectly for hikes, picnics and days spent at the beach. If you find yourself enjoying the great outdoors, be sure to pack this handy white wine chiller for the perfect crisp glass on a warm day.

This portable cooler works with regular wine bottles and even Champagne bottles. No bag? No worries- the Rabbit Trek Cooler comes with a convenient wrist strap.


Attractive White Wine Chiller

Nambe Spiral Wine Server

One of the most gorgeous and functional wine chillers we’ve seen! This one does require being chilled in the freezer beforehand, however the beautiful design solidified it’s spot on this list.

The special double alloy retains cold and hot. With the Nambe Spiral, you can enjoy a cool class of Riesling or a hot shot of Sake!


Chill Wine by the Glass

Skybar Wine Chill Drops

These wine chill drops are as gorgeous as they are functional. Add the sophisticated drop to your glass of wine to cool. Red wine is cooled in 90 seconds, white wine in a matter of minutes. Avoid the “party foul” of adding ice cubes to your wine glass. Your guests will be delighted with the beauty of these single glass wine chillers.


Wine Rocks: BlizeTec Reusable Wine Cubes & Chilling Stones


These wine rocks are also meant to chill a single glass of wine. The neat feature of this item, you are flexible to choose how many rocks you use in your glass. If you only have a half glass, use 4, or use 8 for a full glass. Use these rocks to customize your perfect temperature!

These stones are made of stainless steel, and are easily wiped clean with water. When not in use, keep them stored in your freezer to use at a moments notice.

Avoid diluting your favorite drinks, these cubes can be used on any of your favorite beverages, from white wine, scotch and whisky.


Sweat Free Wine Buckets

Prodyne Acrylic Iceless Wine Cooler

Skip the ice, condensation drips and puddles, and messy labels with this pretty cooler. It is made of double-walled (BPA-Free) acrylic. It will keep a bottle chilled for hours without the hassles of melting ice.

We love that this fits both wine bottles and champagne bottles!
Isosteel Ice Bucket Double Wall Stainless Steel with Matt Brushed Surface

Use a restaurant quality wine chiller in your own home! If stainless steel fits your style more, this bucket is for you. Double-walled construction, this wine chiller will keep your wine chilled for a couple hours.

An added bonus: this piece is dishwasher safe!


White Wine Chiller Stick

Vineco Stainless Steel White Wine Chiller Stick

This handy little thing has been voted #1 best wine chiller! This multi-functional chiller doubles as a drip-free spout; and then triples as an aerator!

The stainless steel rod needs to be chilled in the freezer an hour prior to use. When you are ready to serve, simply screw the aerating pourer onto chill rod.

Beautiful and functional, it is easy to see why this is the #1 top rated white wine chiller on Amazon! When you purchase one for yourself, go ahead and add a second one to your cart. This chiller stick makes the perfect wedding, bridal or housewarming gift.


Inexpensive or not, there is simply no excuse to serve warm white wine! The right temperature will make that cheaper bottle taste expensive… and that expensive bottle worth the price.

The right wine chiller will also make the perfect gift! It is one of those products that you wish you had at the moment.. but never remember to purchase for yourself. Make someone on your gift list very happy with the gift of a white wine chiller!

Pick one or two of your favorites from this list, and you will have the right white wine chiller to make your wine really shine!


What You Need to Know About the FlexCount Allavino Wine Cooler Series

The FlexCount Dual-Zone Allavino wine cooler has a few key and unique features that really allow these particular wine coolers to shine.

Allavino has been and continues to be a trusted and reputable name in the wine cellar business for many years. They have a number of excellent products, but this article will focus on one series in particular: the Allavino FlexCount Series.

Like most of the lines of wine cellars that Allavino offers, the FlexCount Series is offered in numerous sizes, options include wine coolers that hold 30 bottles, all the way up to 172 bottles.

In this article, we will highlight the key features that push the FlexCount series to stand way out in front of the competition.

Dual Zone Temperature Control

All the sizes we are looking at today in FlexCount series feature a dual zone temperature control. While there are single zone units available in the FlexCount series, most home wine enthusiasts prefer the flexibility to store reds and whites together.

A Dual Zone temperature control means there are two distinct temperatures in each unit, which is ideal for storing red and white wines at the same time. You can set one zone to keep your sparkling whites crisp and cool at a moment’s notice, while still keeping your reds at a high enough temperature for long term storage.

Each zone features an easy to read digital display, with simple push buttons to control the temperature. The unit is lit inside by a blue LED bulb, meaning no pesky incandescent bulbs to change or cause temperature fluctuations.

New Shelf Design: FlexCount Shelves

We are especially loving this new feature: the FlexCount shelves.

Many traditional wine cellars are made with simple wire rack styles shelves. But the FlexCount series has shelves that are made of stainless steel (with a sleek black finish). These shelves have wooden grooves to support each individual bottle of wine.

The stainless steel is strong enough to support the weight of a full shelf of wine, while the wooden inserts cradle each bottle- and ensure there is not rocking or rattling of the precious liquid!

The shelves glide easily on metal ball-bearings, which means no awkward hang-ups or jarring of the wine as you remove a bottle.

The FlexCount series is designed for a home collector in mind- it can easily accommodate a diverse wine collection. The shelves are meant to hold standard wine bottles as well as larger bottles, without having to reconfigure the shelves and stack your wine like a game of Jenga.

Built in Versatility

The Allavino FlexSeries is front-venting, which allows you to have the option to add it seamlessly into your existing cabinetry or to keep as a stylish free-standing addition to your decor.

Improved Cooling Technology

The new cooling technology in this series boasts to be 25% more energy efficient. The system utilizes fan-forced cooling, which reduces the cool down time. This also prevents drastic temperature fluctuation, to keep your wine at a more even temperature.


The last point that this series can brag about is its looks. The FlexCount series just looks nice. It has a sleek, all black interior. Wood accents on the shelves give the interior a very rich looking finish. The exterior is a stylish stainless steel finish.

You have the option of a curved handle or towel handle to customize your preference. Currently, these models are only available with a right hinge door. The door can be locked, each unit comes with lock and key.

Storage Temperature

With the FlexCount Dual Zone series, you can easily store both white and red wines. These units feature “red”, “white” and “sparkling” indicator lights. With a glance you can know that your wines are being kept at their optimal temperature.

If you are storing large bottles like Pinot or Champagne, you may not be able to fit the maximum amount in these units. We have listed the standard size wine bottle that these amounts are based on below.

All the units in the FlexCount series have these unique and stand-out design features. Now the question is simply, how many bottles of wine do you want to store?

There are slight temperature difference in the controls of each model. If you need to be especially particular about the temperature your wine is stored at, you can read not only the temperature differences but also dimensions and bottle capacity below.

Bottle Capacity of Allavino FlexCount Wine Coolers

30 Bottle

Allavino 30 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

The 30 bottle FlexCount unit has 6 shelves, and, as the name implies, can hold 30 bottles of wine.

The upper zone of the 30 bottle unit can be set between 41 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower zone can be set between 45 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. It is worth noting, that the lower zone must be set at least 4 degrees warmer than upper zone.

This unit is 15 inches wide, which easily replaces your unsightly or unused trash compactor. Many customers who choose this size do so to replace their trash compactor. These customers have been thrilled with the upgrade!

The actual dimensions of the 30 bottle unit are 24 x 15 x 33.5 inches. It weighs in at 109 pounds

36 bottle

Allavino 36 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

The 36 bottle unit has 12 shelves that each hold three bottles, for 36 bottles total.

The 36 bottle unit has a slightly different look than the other FlexCount models. This particular model has two doors, while the rest we will look at today have a single door.

Compared to other models in the FlexCount series, he two door layout of the 36 bottle model gives you greater temperature control.

Each of the zones in the 36 bottle wine refrigerator can be set between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for one zone to be set low for chilling white wines, and the other zone can be set high enough for reds.

If you are only storing one type of wine, you can set both zones to the same temperature.

The true dimensions of the 36 bottle model are 23.2 x 23.5 x 32.8 inches, and this unit weight approximately 141 pounds

56 Bottle

Allavino 56 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

56 bottles on 5 shelves that fit 9, and a bottom shelf that can fit 11 bottles.

Like the 30 bottle unit, the 56 bottle units operates at temperatures between 41 degrees, and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dimensions of the 56 bottle unit are 33.9″H x 23.4″W x 23.6″D. It weighs just under 124 pounds.

121 Bottle

Allavino 121 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

In the 121 bottle unit, there are 11 FlexCount shelves, that each hold 11 bottles.

The upper zone can be set between 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower zone can be set between 45 degrees and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower zone must be set at least 4 degrees higher than the upper zone.

The 121 bottle FlexCount unit is 55.2″H x 23.5″W x 27″D. This unit weighs 140 pounds.

172 bottle

Allavino 172 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

The big one! With the 172 bottle unit, you can store more wine than any other wine refrigerator!

Alright, this may not be the largest wine refrigerator available, but it is certainly up there. 12 shelves that can each hold 11 bottles and 2 shelves that can hold 20 each. This wine cellar offers more than adequate storage for any enthusiastic wine collector.

The upper zone of the 172 bottle FlexCount unit can be set between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lower zone can be set between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. As we see with the other models, the lower zone must be set at least 4 degrees higher than upper zone.

This unit is 71.5″ H x 23.5″ W x 27.0″ D, and weighs 304 pounds.

Customer Experiences

The FlexCount Dual Zone series is highly rated, with many happy customers and 5-star reviews.

A few customers have noted that these units may be louder than other wine refrigerators, however, “loud” is a relative term. It seems to simply be the difference in having a front venting unit like these, and a back venting model, like other refrigerators available on the market.

Other customers have been surprised by the range in temperature storage, as we have noted, in most of the models, the zones need to be set at least 4 degrees apart. Customers have also noted that between cycles, the temperature can fluctuate by a few degrees.

If properly re-corked, you can store opened wine in these units. (Which brings up the question, why would you leave a bottle unfinished?) Be sure to follow proper re-corking instructions found here.


The manufacturer offers an one-year warranty on parts and labor offered on these units. A limited, 5-year warranty just on the compressor is also available.  This warranty does not include labor.

Is the Allavino FlexCount Right for Me?

Answer: Absolutely.

The Allavino FlexCount series is a superb way to store your wines in a sleek and stylish manner. The units are reliable and offer features like dual-zone and installation flexibility that is unheard of for the price.

An Allavino FlexCount wine refrigerator is perfect for the home wine collector or entertainer, as it offers the flexibility to properly store a wide variety of wines.

All that is left for you to decide is how many bottles you would like to store, and what your current space allows. You can confidently purchase an Allavino FlexCount model, knowing it will more than satisfy your wine storage and entertaining needs.


Final Notes

As with all refrigerator purchases, these units need to be stored up right for 24 before plugging the unit in for use. This simple but necessary step allows the freon to settle properly.

A note on the listed bottle capacity: the listed capacity is based on a standard, 750mL bottle of wine. This standard bottle measures 11-1/2″ tall with a 2-15/16″ diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 7-3/4″ to 8-1/2″. Since this size of the bottle is the most popular size on the market, most wine refrigerators are configured around this measurement, including Allavino brand refrigerators.

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