What You Need to Know About the FlexCount Allavino Wine Cooler Series

The FlexCount Dual-Zone Allavino wine cooler has a few key and unique features that really allow these particular wine coolers to shine.

Allavino has been and continues to be a trusted and reputable name in the wine cellar business for many years. They have a number of excellent products, but this article will focus on one series in particular: the Allavino FlexCount Series.

Like most of the lines of wine cellars that Allavino offers, the FlexCount Series is offered in numerous sizes, options include wine coolers that hold 30 bottles, all the way up to 172 bottles.

In this article, we will highlight the key features that push the FlexCount series to stand way out in front of the competition.

Dual Zone Temperature Control

All the sizes we are looking at today in FlexCount series feature a dual zone temperature control. While there are single zone units available in the FlexCount series, most home wine enthusiasts prefer the flexibility to store reds and whites together.

A Dual Zone temperature control means there are two distinct temperatures in each unit, which is ideal for storing red and white wines at the same time. You can set one zone to keep your sparkling whites crisp and cool at a moment’s notice, while still keeping your reds at a high enough temperature for long term storage.

Each zone features an easy to read digital display, with simple push buttons to control the temperature. The unit is lit inside by a blue LED bulb, meaning no pesky incandescent bulbs to change or cause temperature fluctuations.

New Shelf Design: FlexCount Shelves

We are especially loving this new feature: the FlexCount shelves.

Many traditional wine cellars are made with simple wire rack styles shelves. But the FlexCount series has shelves that are made of stainless steel (with a sleek black finish). These shelves have wooden grooves to support each individual bottle of wine.

The stainless steel is strong enough to support the weight of a full shelf of wine, while the wooden inserts cradle each bottle- and ensure there is not rocking or rattling of the precious liquid!

The shelves glide easily on metal ball-bearings, which means no awkward hang-ups or jarring of the wine as you remove a bottle.

The FlexCount series is designed for a home collector in mind- it can easily accommodate a diverse wine collection. The shelves are meant to hold standard wine bottles as well as larger bottles, without having to reconfigure the shelves and stack your wine like a game of Jenga.

Built in Versatility

The Allavino FlexSeries is front-venting, which allows you to have the option to add it seamlessly into your existing cabinetry or to keep as a stylish free-standing addition to your decor.

Improved Cooling Technology

The new cooling technology in this series boasts to be 25% more energy efficient. The system utilizes fan-forced cooling, which reduces the cool down time. This also prevents drastic temperature fluctuation, to keep your wine at a more even temperature.


The last point that this series can brag about is its looks. The FlexCount series just looks nice. It has a sleek, all black interior. Wood accents on the shelves give the interior a very rich looking finish. The exterior is a stylish stainless steel finish.

You have the option of a curved handle or towel handle to customize your preference. Currently, these models are only available with a right hinge door. The door can be locked, each unit comes with lock and key.

Storage Temperature

With the FlexCount Dual Zone series, you can easily store both white and red wines. These units feature “red”, “white” and “sparkling” indicator lights. With a glance you can know that your wines are being kept at their optimal temperature.

If you are storing large bottles like Pinot or Champagne, you may not be able to fit the maximum amount in these units. We have listed the standard size wine bottle that these amounts are based on below.

All the units in the FlexCount series have these unique and stand-out design features. Now the question is simply, how many bottles of wine do you want to store?

There are slight temperature difference in the controls of each model. If you need to be especially particular about the temperature your wine is stored at, you can read not only the temperature differences but also dimensions and bottle capacity below.

Bottle Capacity of Allavino FlexCount Wine Coolers

30 Bottle

Allavino 30 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

The 30 bottle FlexCount unit has 6 shelves, and, as the name implies, can hold 30 bottles of wine.

The upper zone of the 30 bottle unit can be set between 41 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower zone can be set between 45 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. It is worth noting, that the lower zone must be set at least 4 degrees warmer than upper zone.

This unit is 15 inches wide, which easily replaces your unsightly or unused trash compactor. Many customers who choose this size do so to replace their trash compactor. These customers have been thrilled with the upgrade!

The actual dimensions of the 30 bottle unit are 24 x 15 x 33.5 inches. It weighs in at 109 pounds

36 bottle

Allavino 36 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

The 36 bottle unit has 12 shelves that each hold three bottles, for 36 bottles total.

The 36 bottle unit has a slightly different look than the other FlexCount models. This particular model has two doors, while the rest we will look at today have a single door.

Compared to other models in the FlexCount series, he two door layout of the 36 bottle model gives you greater temperature control.

Each of the zones in the 36 bottle wine refrigerator can be set between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for one zone to be set low for chilling white wines, and the other zone can be set high enough for reds.

If you are only storing one type of wine, you can set both zones to the same temperature.

The true dimensions of the 36 bottle model are 23.2 x 23.5 x 32.8 inches, and this unit weight approximately 141 pounds

56 Bottle

Allavino 56 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

56 bottles on 5 shelves that fit 9, and a bottom shelf that can fit 11 bottles.

Like the 30 bottle unit, the 56 bottle units operates at temperatures between 41 degrees, and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dimensions of the 56 bottle unit are 33.9″H x 23.4″W x 23.6″D. It weighs just under 124 pounds.

121 Bottle

Allavino 121 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

In the 121 bottle unit, there are 11 FlexCount shelves, that each hold 11 bottles.

The upper zone can be set between 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower zone can be set between 45 degrees and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower zone must be set at least 4 degrees higher than the upper zone.

The 121 bottle FlexCount unit is 55.2″H x 23.5″W x 27″D. This unit weighs 140 pounds.

172 bottle

Allavino 172 Bottle Dual-Zone FlexCount Wine Cooler

The big one! With the 172 bottle unit, you can store more wine than any other wine refrigerator!

Alright, this may not be the largest wine refrigerator available, but it is certainly up there. 12 shelves that can each hold 11 bottles and 2 shelves that can hold 20 each. This wine cellar offers more than adequate storage for any enthusiastic wine collector.

The upper zone of the 172 bottle FlexCount unit can be set between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lower zone can be set between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. As we see with the other models, the lower zone must be set at least 4 degrees higher than upper zone.

This unit is 71.5″ H x 23.5″ W x 27.0″ D, and weighs 304 pounds.

Customer Experiences

The FlexCount Dual Zone series is highly rated, with many happy customers and 5-star reviews.

A few customers have noted that these units may be louder than other wine refrigerators, however, “loud” is a relative term. It seems to simply be the difference in having a front venting unit like these, and a back venting model, like other refrigerators available on the market.

Other customers have been surprised by the range in temperature storage, as we have noted, in most of the models, the zones need to be set at least 4 degrees apart. Customers have also noted that between cycles, the temperature can fluctuate by a few degrees.

If properly re-corked, you can store opened wine in these units. (Which brings up the question, why would you leave a bottle unfinished?) Be sure to follow proper re-corking instructions found here.


The manufacturer offers an one-year warranty on parts and labor offered on these units. A limited, 5-year warranty just on the compressor is also available.  This warranty does not include labor.

Is the Allavino FlexCount Right for Me?

Answer: Absolutely.

The Allavino FlexCount series is a superb way to store your wines in a sleek and stylish manner. The units are reliable and offer features like dual-zone and installation flexibility that is unheard of for the price.

An Allavino FlexCount wine refrigerator is perfect for the home wine collector or entertainer, as it offers the flexibility to properly store a wide variety of wines.

All that is left for you to decide is how many bottles you would like to store, and what your current space allows. You can confidently purchase an Allavino FlexCount model, knowing it will more than satisfy your wine storage and entertaining needs.


Final Notes

As with all refrigerator purchases, these units need to be stored up right for 24 before plugging the unit in for use. This simple but necessary step allows the freon to settle properly.

A note on the listed bottle capacity: the listed capacity is based on a standard, 750mL bottle of wine. This standard bottle measures 11-1/2″ tall with a 2-15/16″ diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 7-3/4″ to 8-1/2″. Since this size of the bottle is the most popular size on the market, most wine refrigerators are configured around this measurement, including Allavino brand refrigerators.

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