The Best of Danby Wine Coolers: Review of The Top 3 Danby Wine Coolers

There is a reason why Danby Wine Coolers top the bestseller list year after year! Review our top three Danby Wine Coolers, and be sure to keep in mind our best tips for picking out the right wine cooler.

In addition to making a really nice beverage center, Danby also makes a selection of modestly priced wine coolers.

We have hand-picked our three favorite Danby Wine Coolers.  Each has it’s own particular feature that place it in the top 3.

Read our detailed review below, or check out our #1 pick on Amazon: the Danby 38 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler!



Danby 27 Danby 38
Bottle Capacity 36 27 38
Temperature Range 43 F– 57 F 39F - 64F 39F - 64F
Single or Dual Zone Single Zone Single Zone Dual Zone
Dimensions 20.1 x 17.5 x 33.1 inches 24.75 x 12 x 34.1 inches 24.9 x 19.4 x 33.1 inches
Installation Type Free Standing / Stand Alone Undercounter Free Standing / Stand Alone
Interior Light Blue LED Blue LED Blue LED
Color Black or Stainless / Black Black / Stainless Black / Stainless Steel
Shelving Style Black Wire Shelving Stainless Steel Trimmed Wire Shelving Beechwood Shelving
Reversible Door Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 12 months parts and labor coverage with in-home service. Installation and/or Yearly Maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty. The Danby 27 Silhouette cooler comes with a 24-month in-home warranty on parts and labour. Installation and yearly maintenance (cleaning) of the fridge are not covered under the warranty. 12 months parts and labour coverage with In-Home service. Installation and/or Yearly Maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty
Stand Out Quality Excellent Price for Small Wine Cooler Excellent Space-Saver Elegant & Beautifully Designed
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Danby 38 Dual-Zone


Unless space is an issue, we hesitate to recommend anything that doesn’t have dual-zone capacity. The Danby 38 is spacious enough for a moderate collection, and the dual zone allows you to properly store both your red and white collection.

Reviewers love the stylish and sophisticated look of this appearance, coupled with the price, makes this our top pick of Danby Wine Coolers.

Click here to read more detailed reviews on the Danby 38 and purchase on Amazon. 

Danby 38 Bottle Wine Cooler Model # DWC040A1BDB

Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

Danby 36 Wine Cooler


The Danby 36 comes it at the perfect price point for beginning wine collectors. Although it is only single zone, many reviews are thrilled with the price of the appliance.

Click here to read more detailed reviews on the Danby 36 and purchase on Amazon.


Danby 27-Bottle Silhouette Wine Cellar

Danby Silhouette 27


 The Danby Silhouette is a gorgeous single zone wine cooler. What makes this piece stand out is the size. At 12 inches wide, this unit fits perfectly in small and unused spaces under the counter.

Many reviewers are thrilled to find the Danby Silhouette 27 perfectly fits in the space of their old trash compactors!

Click here to read more detailed reviews and purchase the Danby Silhouette 27 on Amazon.

Making Sense of Wine Cooler Features

Bottle Capacity

Bottle capacity will tell you the max amount of wine bottles the manufacturer has recommended will fit. However, this is a general guideline often using standard bottle size measurements.

Bottle Capacity is the number one feature to consider when purchasing a wine cooler. However, many new wine cooler owners are dismayed to learn that their particular collection doesn’t fit the manufacturer’s bottle capacity quite so neatly.

  • Look for a wine cooler that has removable shelves. This is the easiest way to anticipate storing larger bottles. It will lower the stated capacity, but if you anticipate this when purchasing, you will choose a capacity better suited for your collection.
  • Most wine coolers are configured to store the wine bottles end to end- or alternating directions. This provides the most optimal storage solution, but you may want to keep all or certain bottles one direction.
  • Consider the size of each zone. Dual zone coolers are excellent for storing a wide collection. If you have much more of one variety than the other, you will want to consider the bottle capacity of each zone, rather than the overall bottle capacity.


TIP: What size do I need?


A general guide when picking the bottle capacity of your new wine cooler:

  • Reduce your capacity by about 25% if half your collection equals non “standard” Bordeaux bottles
  • Reduce your capacity by about 50% if your collection consists mainly of the larger non “standard” Bordeaux bottles.

Remember the old adage: “the bigger the better”? Well that applies to wine coolers too!

It is much better to have a little extra space in your wine cooler, rather than have it stuffed full, with no room for that new favorite red you just bought.

Plus, if you have extra space, it will be good encouragement to grow your wine collection!


Cooling Mechanism

The Danby Wine Coolers we are looking at in this article are all compressor style coolers.

Compressor cooling is much more powerful than thermo-electric cooling. This is why most built in or large capacity wine coolers run on compressor cooling.

Compressor cooling is ideal for anyone who has a large wine collection, or who is looking for a large capacity wine cooler.

This type of cooling is also ideal in very warm climates. Compressor cooled wine coolers are more resistant to ambient temperatures, and excel at keeping ideal storage temperatures, no matter the external environment.

There are drawbacks to using a compressor, however.

Because of the moving parts and the on / off cycling nature, compressor style coolers can vibrate slightly. Ideally, wine is best stored someone with little to no movement, to keep the wine from being shaken up.

The moving parts can also contribute to the wine cooler giving off noise. Much like your refrigerator (which also uses a compressor to cool), compressor style wine coolers can occasionally give off a small hum. This is something to keep in mind if you plan to have your wine cooler in a high traffic area, or somewhere you don’t want to be disturbed by noise.

TIP: Consider ambient temperatures an environment where the Danby wine cooler will be located.


Single VS Dual Cooling

Danby makes both single zone cooling and dual zone cooling wine coolers.

A Single Zone cooler means that the cooler can only be set to one temperature. Since white wine and red wine is ideally stored a different temperatures, typically only one type (red or white) is stored in these coolers.

A Dual Zone coolers has two separate cooling zones, meaning both reds and whites can be stored in the same unit at their ideal temperatures.

TIP: Must will want a dual zone


Tinted Glass Doors

All Danby wine coolers come standard with tinted window door. While it may not seem like a big deal, you definitely want to go with a wine cooler that does not let light into the cooler. Light and UV rays can adversely affect wine, so choose a cooler that does not allow UV light in.


Parting Thoughts on Danby Wine Coolers:

The YES for purchasing a Danby Wine Cooler:

  • Compressor Cooling System. This system is much less sensitive to environmental temperatures, and can achieve lower temperatures than a thermoelectric unit.
  • Design. Danby Wine Coolers are beautifully designed. They look sophisticated, and many reviews indicate how happy they are with the looks. Many feel that Danby Wine Coolers look richer and more sophisticated than the price paid for them!
  • Excellent in smaller spaces. Danby specializes in smaller size coolers- perfect for under the counter. In fact, the 27 inch perfectly replaces the space left by old trash compactors!


The NO for purchasing a Danby Wine Cooler:

  • The largest customer complaint about Danby Wine Coolers has been concerning Danby customer service. Reviewers complain that they are difficult to work with, or to even get ahold of. While many happy customers never have the need to contact Danby customer service, it can be a frustrating process for those that do.
  • Compressor Cooling System. Yes, this pro can also be a con. The second biggest complaint was noise. This is due to the compressor cooling system cycling on and off. While some customers didn’t feel like the noise bothered them, for some this was their largest complaint.


Read more customer reviews about Danby Wine Coolers on Amazon.


The Danby Company

Danby is a family-run business, that began in Montreal in 1947. Danby sells a wide range of appliances, from wine coolers to washing machines.

The company is the “leading refrigeration and spcialty appliance company in North America.” You can read more about the Danby story by clicking here.



We hope this review has helped you pick the right Danby Wine Cooler for you! If none of the Danby Coolers we recommended fit your needs, be sure to read our reviews on Allavino Wine Coolers, Koolatron Wine Coolers, and Edgestar Wine Coolers!

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