What You Can Expect from the Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler

When you are selecting a beverage cooler, you need to keep some important things in your mind. Where do you want to put it? You should also focus on size and color of the beverage cooler that you are going to select. You should have electricity supply for beverage cooler to give you chilled drinks.

Additionally, the space you choose to put your beverage cooler must be flat and leveled to ensure it runs smoothly. The overall size also matters a lot when you want to choose a beverage cooler. You can choose a large size cooler if there is a lot of space in your room. It gives you ease to store large wine bottles along with cans. You should always choose a cooler with removable shelves because it will allow you to manage the space.

An ideal beverage cooler will maintain the temperature for all types and sizes of drinks. Therefore, you need to check out the temperature range of the cooler you are going to buy. Moreover, make sure the beverage cooler has an easy clean up setup along with a defrost tray.

If you are have decided to buy a beverage cooler and want all of these features in a single cooler, then you must consider about Haier Beverage Cooler.

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Why would you want Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler?

How do you store your beverages and mixers? Do you keep them in your refrigerator and end up with spacing problem? This review about Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler will help you in finding a better way to store your beverages that are within your reach and you will get a chilled can every time you need one.


The Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is one of the most useful coolers that is available in the market. You can be benefited with some of its great features to make sure you made the best choice. Some of the important specifications are listed below:

  1. Storage capacity

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler has increased storage capacity that does not mean that you need extra space in your room. It has the capacity to store 150 cans of 12 oz. It means you can serve as many friends as you want. With Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler, you will not be embarrassed due to running out of beverages at your home.

  1. Sleek Design

Haier Beverage Cooler, measuring 21-1/4 by 20-1/2 by 31-3/8 inches, features adjustable full width shelves that are vinyl coated. These shelves are able to hold variety of bottles and cans of varying sizes and shapes. The sleek design of Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is enhanced with tempered glass door, metal door trim and black cabinet. The glass door can be set to open from either left or right side. Stainless steel is used for its case so that it remains durable. The lower bottle rack is removable and the design is totally imperceptible for any type of décor.

  1. Thermostat

Thermostat of Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is adjustable that makes it possible to set a preferred temperature. It consists of a lower removable bottle rack and automatic defrost. This Haier Beverage Cooler is designed with auto defrost and compressor cooling techniques. The adjustable thermostat has temperature range of 31-91 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. UV protection

This cooler also has an automatic interior light activation system that is activated when you open the glass door. The glass door is UV protected that helps in cooling of the beverages keeping the UV light away.

  1. Easy touch controls

This Haier Beverage Cooler is easy to power on or off. Temperature adjustment, temperature display and interior lighting is controlled with easy electronic touch.

  1. Easy to use

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is designed in such a way that everyone finds it easy to use because of its small size. Its shelves are made of wire and can be removed to clean them. Recessed door handle and reversible door allows easy accessibility for left handed people. It also provides lock and key feature.

  1. Cooling mechanism

Beverage coolers are different when it comes to the cooling mechanism they are designed with. Thermoelectric and compressor based cooling is used for mini beverage fridges. Thermoelectric coolers save energy and make less noise as compared to compressor based coolers. Haier beverage coolers are supposed to be one of the best coolers and get good user ratings because of the thermometric cooling mechanism.

  1. Venting cooling system

It has front mounted venting cooling system that makes it easy to install this beverage cooler with existing cabinetry without requiring additional system for circulation of hot air.

  1. Easy organization

The design of Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler allows you to keep everything organized with its two glass shelves along with a fold away glass shelf and wire basket at the bottom of cooler.

  1. Environment friendly

Haier 150 can beverage is eco-friendly, maintaining the trend to keep earth green. This cooler is eco-friendly because of the technology and the design. Since it is made up with thermoelectric medium for cooling, it saves energy and help in environment preservation.

This beverage cooler does not emit any kind of dangerous chemical during its cooling process. Instead, there is a metal rod for heat exchange between internal chamber and the outer environment.

11. Alternative Uses

Unlike wine cellar and refrigerators, that have a high temperature for optimum wine storage, you can use Haier beverage cooler to store other soda water, iced tea, lemonade, fruit juice, plain water and other non-alcoholic beverage.

Who can use Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler?

Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is ideal for people who don’t have wine cellar or don’t have much space in their refrigerators. It will give you an upper hand because of its cooling conditions for all type of wine and beer. The stability, temperature and humidity control of this beverage cooler is much more exclusive than kitchen refrigerators. People who are looking for storing their wine without spending much and low maintenance solution opt for beverage cooler.

Less Expensive

Haier beverage cooler is inexpensive as compared to wine cellar and a refrigerator. The equipment is built for storing wine bottles and beer cans. Since refrigerator occupies a large space, therefore, consumers pay for its size as well as capacity functions. Apart from storing wine and beer, you can also other store drinks, water or even fruit juices.

Low Maintenance

Haier beverage coolers are inexpensive as well as require low maintenance. They don’t require parts that are expensive. The price of components fixed inside the beverage cooler is much low, that’s how this cooler is affordable than refrigerator or a cellar.

Other Tips

Once you buy your Haier beverage cooler, you will come to know how you can use it for other purposes. Some of the unusual tips are listed here for you:

  • Humidifier: You can modify your Haier 150 can beverage cooler to use it for other purposes. For example, you can use your beverage cooler as a humidifier. Some people who have bought Hair beverage cooler used other cost effective equipments to turn it into a humidifier.
  • Kegerator: You can store homebrewed draft or commercial keg in your beverage cooler to turn it into a kegerator. You can modify it with addition of a beer tap and tank full of carbon dioxide to push the beer out and restore pressure within keg.
  • Cheese making: Kitchen refrigerators dry out the cheese while Haier beverage cooler will maintain the freshness of cheese, making it last longer. Usually, some variety of cheese ripens at 50-57 degrees Fahrenheit and you need high humidity level to do so. This is what you can do with your Haier beverage cooler by placing small tubs of water in it. You will need to adjust temperature and humidity level depending on the style of cheese you are going to make.
  • Curing chamber: You can turn your Haier 150 can beverage cooler into curing chamber and use it for pepperoni, ham and other types of meats. At times, you can put a tray of wet salt inside your cooler to get required results.
  • Fast chilling: If you want to chill your beer and wine more quickly the try adding some salt, ice and water into it. Ice will lower the temperature and salt and water will maintain that lower temperature for hours.

Our Recommendations

The Haier 150 Can Beverage Cooler is a decent little cooler. With a few modifications, it can be a great little cooler! To read about customer modifications and to purchase:

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