Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

                  HAIER 18 BOTTLE WINE COOLER

For the true lover of wine, the dream is to own a wine cellar. The sad reality of the matter is, it doesn’t necessarily fit in with our home or our budget.


The alternative and logical step is to indulge in a wine cooler. This is an important decision because wine should be stored and aged properly. This is especially true if we are connoisseurs of fine wine.

Fortunately, the Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler fits all of our wine storage needs! Read on to find out more, or get the best price on the Haier 18 Bottle on Amazon.

It is commonly known that wine improves with age but if the conditions are inadequate it can deteriorate very quickly too. Light, humidity, temperature, angle the bottle lays at and vibration are all factors to keep in mind.


We need to mimic the true wine cellars and underground caves that are used commercially. Here are some points to help:


  • Light can be a definite curse. The wine must be protected from direct sunlight.
  • Humidity is required but only to the right degree.
  • Wine bottles should be stored on their sides at an angle to make sure that oxygen does not enter the bottle.
  • Temperature control is an important consideration in wine storage. Red wines, white wines and champagnes all have different needs.
  • Vibration should be minimized especially with red wines.


Unfortunately, the underground cave that is common for commercial purposes is not always an option in our home. Instead, a popular solution is to purchase a wine refrigerator. Some of the leading models feature adjustable temperature controls, separate chambers for red and white wines and solid walls to protect the wine from light. Another feature to look for is the design of the wine racks. We would want to store most of our wines at a slight angle to keep the cork moist.


What are Features of a Great Wine Cooler?


  • Racks set up to store bottle on its side, at a slight angle and in a cool, dark, draft-free place
  • Constant temperature
  • Perfect amount of humidity
  • No direct exposure to sunlight
  • No noise or excessive vibration


We also would be looking for an addition to our home that would complement and not detract from our home décor. Also, important, is that it is not cumbersome or huge but fits comfortably in the room.


Our search results for the perfect wine cooler that fills all of the above criteria will include: the Haier 18 bottle wine cooler. Customer reviews list it at 4 (out of 5) stars. On Amazon, the price is the most reasonable and affordable.



What Makes the Haier 18 Bottle a Good Choice?


  • Elegant, classy and slim appearance with a curved door and smoked glass with black trim and a black cabinet.
  • Free standing, needing only 2” clearance all around
  • Holds 18 bottles
  • Adjustable shelving allows you to accommodate small and large bottles
  • Vibration free, ultra quiet
  • Thermal electric chilling
  • Separate sections for red and white wines
  • Independently adjust temperatures in upper and lower compartments
  • Compact, size: 26” tall, 11” wide, 22” deep
  • Dual 2 LED displays and touchscreen control
  • Sturdy construction
  • Double pane glass, insulated doors
  • Uses low wattage, one customer claims only $1.22 per month,120 voltage

Haier 18 Bottle


As we can see, this wine cooler warrants our consideration. It meets our needs to keep our wine aging under the perfect conditions and is also slim and sleek enough to blend in with our home décor.


The company name, Haier, has its headquarters in China and is considered to be the world’s #1 major appliance brand. It offers an array of high quality, modern, efficient appliances and electronics. Haier is a multinational consumer company which designs, develops, manufactures and sells electronics and appliances of all types, including the wine cooler.


Haier has the world’s largest market share for major appliances. Their latest acquisition is the purchase of GE. This acquisition is only expected to allow them to dominate the market with their quality products even further.


The reason why this company catches our eye in our search for the perfect wine cooler is because Haier focuses their primary attention in the United States in two niche markets- compact refrigerators and electric wine coolers. The latter of these it what really peaks our interest. Since Haier is a top-of-the-line company in this niche, we know that we can expect quality when buying one of their products.


After a search on Amazon, we concluded it would be difficult to buy a wine cooler that is not somehow created by Haier. Their large acquisition in this niche proves their expertise and we came to the conclusion that this means they should know their product and manufacture a wine cooler that delivers what we want.


The Key Features of the Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler:

  • Thermoelectric cooling (vibration free, ultra quiet cooling system)
  • Dual zone (lets you simultaneously store both white and red wines at different temperatures)
  • Soft interior light (easily organize and view your wine collection)
  • LED electronic control display (conveniently adjust the optimal temperatures for red and white wines).


What About Customer Reviews?

On an average the reviews reflect 4 out of 5 stars. Some of the comments were as follows:


  • “Nice little cooler…very pleased with the unit, as it looks good, runs quiet, and performs well, especially for the price”
  • “Compact,Quiet, Good looking Affordable”
  • “Great product and form factor for the price”

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In conclusion, our review of this wine cooler is that it is a great choice for our home, and probably the home of many others.

The price is decent, the appearance is classy, and the necessary options for protecting the wine are in place. This model met all of our necessary specifications and holds an impressive 18 bottles of wine. This means that we can keep an array of bottles on hand for any occasion, whether we have company or just want a glass of wine to end the night.

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