Choosing a Koolatron Wine Cooler: Review of 29-Bottle and 45-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellars!

Koolatron Wine Coolers: Review of 29-Bottle and 45-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellars!

Koolatron is one of the leading manufacturers of wine coolers in the world. They have quite the  selection of cellars priced from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Depending on the model, the capacity of a Koolatron wine cooler can be anywhere from 12 bottles, 30 bottles, up to 100 bottles and more. You have the option to choose a single or dual zone Koolatron cooler with thermoelectric or compressor cooling technology.

Bottom line: whatever your needs, Koolatron makes a wine cooler for you!

In this article, we will take a look at the two most popular coolers: the Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar  and the WC29 Koolatron 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar.

Review: Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar


The 45 Bottle Koolatron wine cooler comes with dual cooling zones for your chosen vintages and everyday favorites. The shelves can be rearranged so you can store port wine, quaint shaped bottles and champagne. There is an LED display showing the accurate temperature inside, and you can set each temperature zone to your wine needs.

Maybe the best part… the unit comes ready to go, so you don’t need to assemble it or indulge in any complicated installation.

This Koolatron wine cooler is 17.5 inches long, 46 inches high and 18.5 inches wide. It weighs 95 pounds.

The 45 Bottle Koolatron wine cellar has several key features that you will love:

  • It is a spacious cooler. While you can certainly house forty five bottles of wine, you can also store some champagnes, gewürztraminers and Rieslings by rearranging the required number of shelves.
  • The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, whatever suits your preference.
  • Many wines come with geo-specific units and very stringent instructions for storage, particularly pertaining to temperature. You can really use the dual temperature metrics.

Where this Koolatron wine cooler stands out is its consistent temperature. Even the finest residential refrigerators in the world have some fluctuations. This wine cellar is almost an industrial appliance in that sense. The dual temperature zones would always be helpful for those storing different kinds of wine, which would demand different temperatures. You can store red in one zone, white in another and you can store certain brands or years in one and another variant in the other zone.

Beyond the technicalities, it is the obvious aesthetics that will impress you. The ergonomic design, the minimalist contours, the posh interiors and the moody lighting inside will certainly please any connoisseur. This Koolatron wine cooler can sit pretty in your living room, dining area, next to your regular refrigerator, down in your basement, in a man cave or even in your kitchen if you want. Despite having substantial capacity, the niftiness of the design and the lack of unnecessary bulk is perfect for those who don’t want chunky and clunky pieces of appliances.

The 45 Bottle Koolatron Wine Cellar is very easy to clean, thanks to the removable shelves. The display and control unit are very easy to use and can be mastered by the least tech savvy people. If there is anything that you can pick on or criticize in this Koolatron wine cooler then it has to be the noise when it is stressed. The noise is minimal and it just reminds you of the compression that powers the cooling.

User Experience

Do not presume that it is a thermoelectric wine cooler. Many people have perceived it as such and decided to purchase it without really checking and then have rued the cooling being powered by a compressor. This Koolatron wine cooler is almost like a normal refrigerator given its size and capacity. It is doubtful how efficient it would have been with thermoelectric cooling technology.

The second important element in the user experience that demands a mention is the positioning of the various wine bottles that you may stack up. We all known wine bottles come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Normal wine bottles with broad bases and tapering necks will conveniently fit into the shelves. Port wine bottles will pose a problem.

Large bottles of champagnes and oddly shaped wine bottles will also be an issue. You can use the bottom space or the rack at the bottom to have larger bottles placed sideways. Try out a few combinations and you should be able to store up to forty five bottles even if you have half dozen quaint shaped wine and champagne bottles.

The temperature attained by this Koolatron wine cooler is spot on. You can use your own thermometer and check the temperatures in the two zones. When you unpack the cooler and connect it to the power source, set the temperature you want in either or both zones and return after a few hours to check. Not only would the cooler achieve the temperature quickly but also retain it without flinching. Given the capacity, flexibility, temperature and design, this is one of the smartest and quietest wine coolers around.

Koolatron delivers a winner in its class and that will be evident right from the moment you get the package shipped to your home. Very few wine coolers are as impeccably packed as this one. Right from the lights inside to the leveling, everything is convenient to manage. The only bummer will be for those who want to store beers at temperatures below 45. That is the minimum setting.

Review: Koolatron 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar (WC29)

This Koolatron wine cooler has a capacity of 29 bottles in two segregated temperature zones. The top zone has a capacity of ten wine bottles and the lower zone can hold a maximum of nineteen bottles. There is an LED display with a switch to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. The cooler has tempered glass doors, the basket and shelves are removable, the dark interior has complementing soft lights and the feet can be adjusted for optimum leveling. Powered by compressor based cooling, the Koolatron WC29 weighs sixty pounds, is 21 inches long, 20.4 inches wide and 34 inches high and the case is made of steel. This Koolatron wine cooler has been a bestseller for a few years now.

It takes a good compressor to make it easier for wines in any wine cooler to be chilled properly. You’ve got to find one that can take your wine and chill it well enough while keeping the conditions inside the cooler as consistent as possible.

There are many standout attributes of this 29-bottle Koolatron wine cooler. The design will surely impress any connoisseur. The solid black case with accents of stainless steel aligned along the doors, the thick glass bodies on the doors and the special protecting against UV rays are some of the noteworthy elements. The adjustable feet for perfect leveling are handy and appreciable. You can get rid of these feet if you don’t need them. The lights inside the cooler are LED so you don’t need to worry about an unnecessary spike in your electricity consumption.

The WC29 is very utilitarian because of these two segregated zones. The top compartment is smaller than the zone below. Both zones can be pegged at temperatures ranging from 42 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you ability to store red wines and white wines separately.

You can keep the typical wine bottles in one compartment and keep champagnes or quaint shaped bottles in another. You can maintain different temperatures in the two zones so stringent storing instructions of some wines, especially the vintage and special editions, can be achieved!

Both the zones have shelves that can be removed. While this feature helps in cleaning, it is more useful to rearrange the available space to make way for larger or taller wine bottles. Every connoisseur will have at least some larger, taller and unconventionally shaped wine bottles. The basket at the bottom can be handy to store some beers.

The WC29 Koolatron wine cooler doesn’t jumble up your wines or club all of them together. Every wine bottle is kept segregated from the adjacent bottles. There is enough space between every bottle allowing smooth flow of cool air. The wine bottles can be easily accessed and sorted conveniently and even inventory management or keeping a stock of what wines you have and where becomes effortlessly simple. You can easily pull out a bottle without even touching another bottle and place it back in without affecting the poise of any bottle in either of the two zones or chambers.

User Experience

It takes time to become a connoisseur. Wine is an acquired taste. Not everyone has dozens of wine bottles at home. However, those who have fallen in love with any particular type of wine will always want to bag as many bottles as they can. Wine is a demanding drink. It is not your everyday whiskey or even bourbon or scotch that can be stored in any way you like. It is not even your single malt or that rare whiskey which will be cherished for years, one peg at a time. Wine needs to be stored tidily and at desired temperatures. Anyone who has just begun stacking up on different wines should use this Koolatron wine cooler.

The 45-bottle Koolatron wine cooler is obviously an excess for those who don’t have fifty bottles. You wouldn’t be storing every bottle forever. The 29-bottle Koolatron wine cooler is the best option for wine lovers who are on their way to become connoisseurs. If you are contemplating whether you should go for a 12-bottle cooler or the 29-bottle cooler, then the choice is obvious. The WC29 with its dual zone temperature control is the wiser investment, from financial perspective and from the aspect of utility.

The WC29 is well packaged and cushioned when shipped. It is very easy to install. You can adjust the feet to level it or you can get rid of them if you so please. Connect the Koolatron wine cooler to the power source and let it cool for a few hours. Do not expect both the zones to attain the chosen temperatures in an hour or two. Ideally, choose a moderate temperature. Don’t go for the minimum temperatures. Allow the cooler to recuperate from transit and gradually cool down. In eight to twelve hours, you should be able to choose the temperature of your liking. Let the cooler be at a moderate temperature overnight. Do not stack up wine bottles immediately.

Once both the zones have attained the preset temperature or one that you have set before putting in the wine bottles, you would observe that the temperature is maintained. You can even use a thermometer to measure and confirm if it is the temperature you want. This Koolatron wine cooler is also desirably quiet. Despite having a compressor, it doesn’t make any irritating noise. Whatever little noise it makes is almost unnoticeable. Timely maintenance should keep the operation as quiet as when it is new over the years.

The 29-bottle Koolatron wine cooler is just the right size, weight and has an apt capacity for most wine lovers. It can also be used outdoors at times given the protection against UV rays. However, you cannot perpetually use it outside since there is no battery. The size is suitable enough for you to install the appliance anywhere you feel like. It can be mount it atop a counter in your kitchen. The WC29 works in your man cave, dining area or in your bar!

Given the price, reliability, durability and utility, the removable shelves and the design, this is one of the best wine cellars in its class. You would have no reason to complain and you will be more than satiated with your purchase. Simply clean and maintain the appliance at the right time and take some preventive measures so the components stay in good working order. If something does go wrong, you can call in the Koolatron technicians for timely support and assistance.

Side by Side Comparison:

Name Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar Koolatron 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar
Price Check Current Price on Amazon Check Current Price on Amazon
Short description Spacious 45 bottle capacity Dual cooling zones Dark interior accented by soft lighting Sleek contemporary design with stainless steel trim Digital LED temperature display Full temperature control to set climate to exact degree Compressor cooling Free-standing Holds up to 29 – 750ml bottles Dual cooling zones: chills 10 bottles in upper zone, 18 in lower zone Cooling zones can be set to separate temperatures Temperature range: 6°C to 18°C Removable stainless steel racks to customize the cellar layout Built-in soft interior lighting Reversible tempered glass door
Capacity Details 45 x 750 ml (25 fl. oz.) bottles 29 x 750 ml (25 fl. oz.) bottles
Temperature Control 6° to 18°C (42° to 65°F) at 22°C (72°F) ambient temperature 6° to 18°C (42° to 65°F) at 22°C (72°F) ambient temperature
Temperature Zone Dual Dual
Temperature Display LED LED
Cooling Technology Compressor Compressor
Color Black Black
Door Type Double pane insulated glass Double pane insulated glass
Handle Recessed Recessed
Door Swing Orientation Right Right
Lighting LED LED
Defrost System Automatic frost-free Automatic frost-free
Venting Rear Rear
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Shelving 5 6
Voltage 120 Volts 120 Volts
Frequency Range 60 Hz 60 Hz
Wattage 70 Watts 120 Watts
Amperage 3 Amps 3 Amps
Leak Resistant Yes Yes
Rust Resistant Yes Yes
Product Dimensions 46 in H x 18.5 in W x 18.5 in L 32.5 in H x 18.5 in W x 18.5 in L
Product Weight 94.8 lbs. 70.6 lbs.
Package Dimensions 48 in H x 21.5 in W x 21.5 in L 33.5 in H x 20.5 in W x 20.5 in L
Package Weight 94.8 lbs. 70.6 lbs.
Warranty 1 year, parts 1 year, parts
ETL Certified Yes Yes
CSA Certified Yes Yes
Energy Star Compliant No No
Installation Free-standing Free-standing

The Right Fit

These two models are obviously very similar, so the question is, how many bottles of wine do you want to store? Keep in mind, collecting wines can be quite addicting… so it is better to get the larger size the first time, rather than later. 😀

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